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Ultimate team (web app)

by ciano123

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Ultimate team (web app)

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When I sign into the fut web app it says it looks like you don't have an ultimate team get started now..........

But I have an ultimate team I can go on it on the ps3 why can't I go on the web app? Can any1 help?? 

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Re: Ultimate team (web app)

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First log in your EA account (not the ps3 account), the one you registered before playing fifa. It will ask you a secret question like "what was your school's name?", and you put the answer that you have previously answered in the game. Then it should work.

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Re: Ultimate team (web app)

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i'v tried that and it didnt work the question didnt come up ? i'v been able to go onto the fut web app the day before this happened and before that but it wont let me now? its letting me sign into ea but it says i have no data with them atall it even says i have no recent data and im level 39? 

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Re: Ultimate team (web app)

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At the preceding link, before you go to the Ultimate Team web app, once signed in click the ball in the top right, and make sure you are using the persona that you play FIFA13 on (Gamertag, PSN ID, Origin ID for PC)

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