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Recognized commentary names not being said in game

by jykosu11

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Recognized commentary names not being said in game

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I created a team in the Creation Centre and for each of my players, I gave them a recognized commentary name from the scroll-down menu. I noticed that it said that not all names are available in all languages, but I didn't think much of it. When I imported my team, I noticed only a few of the names, less than half, were being said (Quinto, Vega, Bruno, etc.). However, the other players' names were not announced when they touched the ball even though I selected a commentary name for them. I created a team with a lot of Spanish names (ex: Gomez, Gonzalez, Santana, etc.). The first few I mentioned were said, but the others were not. When I changed the commentary language to Mexican Spanish, thinking that could be the issue, almost none of the names were said. My question is if this is a glitch in the Creation Centre? I even created a player specifically for FIFA 13 and picked an accepted name for him but it is not said in games. I would find it odd if FIFA put all of these possible names to be announced while only a handful would work.

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