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Questions about Gold Packs

by dark_lord1919

Original Post

Re: Ultimate Edition

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I've done that and I still havent got my second pack this week

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Never got my free golf pack from tasks

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I've just completed all of my manager tasks on FIFA 13 for xbox 360 and i have not received my free gold pack. Please help me find out how to get it!


Thanks, Jake

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Lost Gold Pack from preorder

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I didn't get my gold pack which i got from preorder FIFA 13

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FUT 13 free packs preorder and season pass

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i have a season pass that i had 3-4 days prior to the launch

and i had pre ordered fifa 13 from psn store


each one promises to give weekly free gold packs, but im only recieving one every week.

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I can't claim my gold pack

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I completed 12/12 manager tasks, and after being told to claim my pack in the store, i was not given any pack. WHAT DO I DO?

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Havent received my free gold packs

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I reserved Fifa 13 at gamestop to get the free gold packs but have not received 1 yet????

Any ideas whats going on?

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Free packs

[ Edited ]
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I have got the ultimate addition and haven't got any free packs, I have deleted the  Game Utility Data and still got nothing, any help

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ultimate team packs

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can anybody tell me why I haven't had any packs for my season ticket when a guy on my friends list signed up a day before me has had 2,and is it possible to cancel season ticket and get money back ?

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Re: Ultimate Edition

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Ryuichitoji, is it possible to get 24 gold packs on PC? I haven't seen anything about FUT bonuses for PC.

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Re: Never got my free gold pack from tasks

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I've had the same issue with the ps3 version.  Can someone help me to collect it?  Oh while i'm at it, my teams established date is still incorrect.  Nov 10 not sept 12

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Accepted Solution

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You only receive one a week


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