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People Quitting When Losing on Seasons (FIFA 13)

by cameron180294

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People Quitting When Losing on Seasons (FIFA 13)

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I have just played a game which I was winning reasonably comfortably. I was 2-0 up and then on the 70th minute I scored the 3rd to make it 3-0. About 5 seconds after this the opponent quits which is extremely annoying but I was not too fussed because I believed I would get the points anyway. This was not the case as when it got back to the Seasons menu nothing has changed and it is as if I had not played the game at all. This STINKS and is totally unfair!!! Sick of these bloody cheaters getting away with it!


EA you need to sort this out!

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Re: People Quitting When Losing on Seasons (FIFA 13)

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Ea please sort this problem, it's becoming a really common problem this has happened to me so many times, you can't have cheating this way it's hugely frustrating and probably why I'm gonna stop playing the game all together! I mean what a the point going through the effort if I'm just going to find my self cheated by stupid people online!
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Re: People Quitting When Losing on Seasons (FIFA 13)

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Happend to me once to offten now, i don't know how they do it but i think its time to start naming and shaming them mofo's, you shoulld take a beating like a man and if you can't don''t play.


heres my first to get the ball rolling, the one that sent me over the edge this moring after going 1 - 0 down in the first 10 min and quitting leaving me with no points for giving him a clear pounding. On the PS3 . Quit-Gimp no1is .............




thiis guy is a quit - gimp,



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Re: People Quitting When Losing on Seasons (FIFA 13)

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Not even a reply from EA once again! Good work isn't it?! Come on I'm not paying 60 pounds a year to get this kind of ignorance!

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Re: People Quitting When Losing on Seasons (FIFA 13)

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the problem with quitters i think is that the lack of points for early quitters during a game is quite clearly a bug. bugs happen. its happened to me a few times as well in important game (verge of relegation/ promotion) and it is EXTREAMLY FRUSTRATING I KNOW . but at the end of the day games have bugs, its inevitable. all we can do i think is hope it doesnt happen too often.


what REALLY pisses me off is that any player can quit within the first 5 mins of any game regardless of the score and the game is then void. This has happened to me 99% of the times when i score within the first 5mins. this is clearly not a bug. the game ALLOWS you to do this!!! what the bloody point of that??? it makes those first few mins completely useless. why even bother? so now i just pass the ball around for 5mins without trying to score which is really stupid and pointless.


Now i know if i actually got to speak to a developper at EA he/she wud probably have a reasonable or at least educated reason for this to happen. is there any chance we could get a little insight into this please? could we not just have a clear set of rule of this. one thats actually communicated to the player?

- quit when ur losing - then you lose the game and opponents get the 3 points.

- quit early and get bloody punished for it one way or another. eg: 1 match ban, points deduction, restriction of good 4 star teams for a game etc


PLEASE TALK TO US EA! I HAVE BEEN PLAYING FIFA SINCE 1995 (except those 2-3 years when proevo was better!) We have given you a lot of money over the years.


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Re: People Quitting When Losing on Seasons (FIFA 13)

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I totally agree with the above post, bug do happen and we do have to accept that but there are cheaters and EA should be comunicating with us about why this happens and what they are going to do to fix it!!







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Re: People Quitting When Losing on Seasons (FIFA 13)

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Not 100% with you on this.

It has happened to me sometimes that the other player lagged so much that I was quite happy about the 5 minutes rule.

Mind you, that's the only time I quit a game. I agree that it's frustrating, but in my case, it would have been even more frustrating to go on with someone that lags to the point where my players stop every 5 seconds for his connexion to catch up.


Just my 2 cts.

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Re: People Quitting When Losing on Seasons (FIFA 13)

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It constantly happens to me, to the point where i accept it, but i almost view it as my error for scoring in the first five minutes because i know theyre going to quit!

However, yesterday is won a game 3-1 (i may add it would of got me promoted), and as the replays of the game were playing, the other player somehow quit his connection and i didnt get the 3 points! it was so annoying, and i have no idea how they did it. Has this happened to anybody else?

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Re: People Quitting When Losing on Seasons (FIFA 13)

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I am currently 98 or 99% (ps3) trophy/achievement complete on fifa 13, not something I would normally pay any attention too but after selling off my FUT and doing the 85m achieve I just thought may aswell do the last few, so anyway... Playing cup last few days, been quite good fun, few good games in the final been really enjoying playing season again, til just.


Been 2-0 in the first final 75=80th min opponent starts kicking ball between his keeper, I figure, fine its my win anyway keep it next second hes gone, awesome thats 100% fifa 13 done (only need cup win) but oh no, get back to the menu after it checked for winner, game had not even happened, was **bleep**ed off by this, so never mind, get on with it, play another game, 2-1 up h/t start of second half, he didnt even respond after kick off i scored and off he went, my connection stayed fine at all times, cannot remeber last time i had issues either, so i think well thats got to be the win.................... back to the menu and shock, no match been played again, eventually lose 2-1 in inj time in 3rd game. this has lead me to remove the disk from my ps3 and snap it,


i just wish to add i hope everyone connected with ea gets **bleep**ing aids. you massive bunch of slags, **bleep** of with ya fifa 14 spam **bleep** and sort out this beta version of 13. good day

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Re: People Quitting When Losing on Seasons (FIFA 13)

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same people quitting left right and center...for me this started only around 10 days ago...but since then 80% of my games end up like this...

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