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I want fifapoints but 


You've experienced error code NU2001 NU2001 NU2001 NU2001 NU2001 NU2001 NU2001 NU2001 NU2001 NU2001 NU2001 NU2001 NU2001




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Re: NU2001!!!!

This means there was either a problem processing your billing information or the transaction. I suggest you to contact customer support here

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Re: NU2001!!!!

Thats not what it means at all. It means THEY had trouble, all my information was 100% bang on. I spoke to EA support whilst typing this message. They have escalated the matter and accepted responsibility for the error. As a company that makes more in sales online than instore you can be assure they are working hard to resolve the issue for everyone. Thats based on the assumption that they want your money, and this is EA of course they do.


I do not know as to why the error occurs just that it happens with any payment system used, all giviing the same error for me. 


Its hard but like me mate your just going to have to sit back, grab a cupper and wait for them to resolve it. 

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Re: NU2001!!!!

I've been sitting back and waiting for almost a month.  I have missed serveral limited time opportunities, and am about to miss more.  As much as I hate to admit it, I probably would have spent about $100 in this game over the past month.  EA can look at my purchase history and see that.  We should get a substantial amout of free Boost to compensate for the frustration and missed opportunities.  That's my opinion.