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NU2001 Error, case ID 06819070. 2 months, no progress.

by ole4never

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NU2001 Error, case ID 06819070. 2 months, no progress.

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Unable to buy Fifa Points since early December:


You've experienced error code NU2001. This means there was either a problem processing your billing information or the transaction. If you continue to see this error please contact EA Help via the game-specific HELP link for assistance.


I've been having this problem for about two months, the only way my ticket allows me to reconnect EA is trough this forum.


I have talked to several EA specialists, but no one is from "the right department". So I haven't really got any help in this issue.


My case ID is 06819070


I've talked with two different EA specialist, one Origin specialist, several live support people, and the Norwegian support line.


I was reassured several times trough December, and last at 16 January that a solution was very close. But this is not the case, nobody has the "tools necessary to help me with my problem". So the case is not getting anywhere, is there any possibility that I can talk to a expert or specialist with the tools to help me with this problem?


Its starting to annoy me, and I actually doubt this will be fixed even before Fifa 14. I've read about people on different forums experiencing this problem from 2-12 months. Which is totally unacceptable.


Please help me, kind regards Ole.

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Re: NU2001 Error, case ID 06819070. 2 months, no progress.

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No one is getting back to me regarding this issue. The case has been under investigation for two months. Really, what's going on with this NU2001 Error?, on every game, on every platform EA struggles with this error. If this is indeed impossible to fix, please tell me now so I can quit fifa in peace.

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