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My Pro Player disappeared

by EA_Ursula

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My Pro Player disappeared

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Community Manager

Players with FIFA 13 early access have reported their Pro Player being lost once they gain access to the full version of the game. 

You should still have access to all the data from your Pro Player progress, but you will need to recreate him. Under your unlocks, you will see all of the data, stats, and Game Face settings from your Pro Player created in the Early Access period.

In some cases, the Pro Player data remains unavailable. Please use the Contact Us button to get in touch with an EA Games Advisor



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Just got fifa 13, and realize that you can only use your pro or "vp" in career mode or in a club (that let's you access pro ranked as well).

In fact you have a different pro for each of those.

What i would like to know is, when you edit your pro, the club assignment field is locked. Like an accomplishment.

Does anybody know if you can unlock it and how? Would that allow you to use your in other mode like head 2 head or kick off?

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early access pro player

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had fifa 13 early access, built up my pro payer, and now i have got the full game my pro player is not there all the other saves are there but my pro player

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Virtual pro into career mode

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So, when I go into career mode as a player, why can't I bring in my online virtual pro like in Fifa 12?

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Re: Virtual pro into career mode

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you have to unlock team selection I think atm its locked . but i dunno how :D

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Re: Virtual pro into career mode

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right on.

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Re: Virtual pro into career mode

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where is it on the menu?

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questions about my pro

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Just one quick question, like in Fifa 11 and 12 you can be able to create your virtual pro, put him in exhibition games and play and improve your stats online and offline. Is the ONLY way to improve the pro you've created in the online game modes of being in a club playing with friends and drop in games? OR can I be able to take my player I've created and play OFFLINE?

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Re: my pro

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You have 2 Virtual Pros in Fifa 13.
One of them online in Pro seasons
The other offline in Career Mode, Player Mode only (not available in manager mode)
They both have separate stats and don't carry over to one another.
Many people are upset about this.
Fifa is trying to make online a better gaming experience is their answer to me on the phone
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Re: Virtual pro into career mode

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It is NOT possible to bring your virtual pro from online to career mode. The locked team selection you see on your online Pro is for joining or creating a club and then your team slot will be filled out.
Offline career mode Virtual Pro is completely separate and you can only do so in Player Career Mode and not Manager mode
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