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[IMPORTANT] FUT 13 Web App - Locked Accounts

by EA_Mat

Original Post

how to reset your question

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hi there tryed changing my password witched worked, but i stay can not log in as its says i need to reset your question on a trusted console? how can i do so when the game isnt even out yet?

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Fifa UT 13

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I've been a member since 2008 and I can't believe I'm not aloud to use FIFA UT 13 Web App. I waited all night last night for it to work and I have come on this morning to find that EA want me to preorder my copy of FIFA 13 before they give me access to the web app. I think this is a disgrace as I have already preordered from my local Gamestation and would like to be able to use the Web App early, just like everyone else. I hope to hear a reply from you.


Thank you.

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Can't unlock account

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I tried to log in on the fifa 13 ultimate team web app but I didn't know what the answer to my security question was. So it told me to lock my account and then log in on a trusted console. I have turned my xbox on, loaded up fifa 12 and gone onto ultimate team but nothing seems to be happening and my account remains locked. Am I doing something wrong? Any help would be great.



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FUT13 Web App

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another one of my accounts is locked and i am unable to use a trusted console to change the security question password. can u help?

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Re: Fifa 13 Ultimate Team Security Question Problems PLEASE HELP! (PS3)

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My account is locked aswell and can't reset it on the PS3, EA do something about it.

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I forget my question answer to login ultimate team webb.

so it says i must log in on a console and make a new answer but i did, and i didnt see an answer to full in


please help me


your sincerly,



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Fifa 13 Ultimate Team Locked Out - Can't reset security answer

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I tried to reset my security answer because i forgot it and it says "Your Account has been locked. You can reset your question by logging into a trusted console. If you are unable to do so, contact a Game Advisor."


I went onto my Xbox 360 but i don't know how to reset it?

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Fifa 13 Ultimate Team web app

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Hi I wondered if you could help.


I keep getting "Sorry, the service you're trying to reach is unavailable at the moment." when trying to use web app.


Many other people are able to connect so I dont understand why I cant.


Thank you



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i locked myself out

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hi i want to create an ultimate team on the new web app and i locked my self out because i forgot my secure question can u please send a new one to me 

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Log-in into web app!?

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My account on FUT is locked. I reset it on my ps3. But still cant log into FUT 13? Why?

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Accepted Solution

Community Manager (retired)

Hello everyone,


Please see our latest update:


The game team has now resolved the issue in order for you to unlock your account. Try logging into a trusted console and reset your Security Question to unlock your account from the FUT Web App.

If this doesn't work, please reach out to one of our game advisors to unlock your account and reset your Security Question.
Thank you for your continued patience.


Secure your account

Turn on Login Verification to access FUT Web and Companion Apps, and protect your information.

View more on EA Help


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