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[IMPORTANT] FUT 13 Web App - Locked Accounts

by EA_Mat

Original Post

Security Question Ultimate Team?

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Hi, my account was locked and everytime I go on ultimate team it asks me to create one. I do this by it repeatedly asks.
I can't get on the web app or phone app because of this and I'm because increasingly frustrated, especially with EA sports because it is impossible to get in touch and they haven't to my knowledge released a statement about this. I know for a fact I'm not the only one with this problem so surely they must be aware?!

Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: [IMPORTANT] Issue with FIFA 13 Web App / Locked Accounts (updated)

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So if I understood correctly, I can't access UT if it's locked, unless I've made a security q&a between march and September?

And I have no ability to enter the web app until I have bought the game now?

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Re: FUT 13 Web app Account locked

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Happened to me to..

I think the only thing you can do, is buying FIFA 13 and logging in there.. I think you unlock the web app that way..


And btw, you are posting in the wrong forum Wink

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Web app

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I tried to log on to the fifa web app but it keeps telling me to change my question but i dnt know how to this

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Re: Completely locked out of Ultimate Team

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Re: [IMPORTANT] Issue with FIFA 13 Web App / Locked Accounts (updated)

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But this is bs because they have known about this problem since the 18 of September and still haven't sorted out the problem, come on this is EA one of the best game developers and they can't solve this. The only reason I bought fifa 13 was for the ultimate team and now I can't play it and IM sick and tired of being told by a game adviser that the problem will be solved shortly, 2 and a half weeks later and still not solve, pathetic Confusedmileyfrustrated: 

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I need help with THIS!!!

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hey i need help when i try to log onto the web app it keeps coming up with this


To further secure your Ultimate Team account, we ask that you set up a Security Question and Answer on console (returning FUT users, you need to do this too)


How do i set the security question?


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fifa 13 ultimate team

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I was locked out of the web app so I instructed me to log on onto a trusted console

once I did this it asked me to save a new question, but every time I exit ultimate team

it asks for a new question every time and I'm still locked out of FUT fifa 13

what can I do??

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account closed

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my account has been locked and i am trying to get my account unlocked, i put the incorrect answer to where my mother was born how can i unlock my account

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Unlock my account

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 how I can unlock my account??

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Accepted Solution

Community Manager (retired)

Hello everyone,


Please see our latest update:


The game team has now resolved the issue in order for you to unlock your account. Try logging into a trusted console and reset your Security Question to unlock your account from the FUT Web App.

If this doesn't work, please reach out to one of our game advisors to unlock your account and reset your Security Question.
Thank you for your continued patience.


Secure your account

Turn on Login Verification to access FUT Web and Companion Apps, and protect your information.

View more on EA Help


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