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[IMPORTANT] FUT 13 Web App - Locked Accounts

by EA_Mat

Original Post

need help logging into Fifa 13 Ultimate Team

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how do you log onto fifa 13 ultimate team without it saying you need a trusted console when the consoles fine



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Re: i cant log in my fut web online

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but its always saying log onto a trusted console when my consoles trusted



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FIFA FUT13 Web App Locked Out

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Right, I am unable to access the FIFA13 FUT Web App


I entered my security question wrong apparently so it locked me out.
 It tells me i can unlock it by logging in to a "trusted console"


I have logged in, played fifa12 and logged in to UT, still locked.


Can you tell me how to unlock my FUT13 account so I can use the web app. I have been a FUT player since the very first game it featured (when you had to pay extra!) and am very disappointed I am not getting my rewards for being a returning player.

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Re: i cant log in my fut web online

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why are people still posting up spamming this topic this question has been answered what to do as i did say it has only worked for a FEW PEOPLE and did keep trying

i have an update to this issue IF you have the early release you can log into ultimate team and it will ask you to enter a new security question with password ( dont worry whn u leave and relog back in it will ask for security password etc every time
you leave UT on your console dont worry you dont lose anything) as ALL my reward packs i was entitled to i open on my console

As i have not managed to get into my web app saying was locked but HAS worked on the console havnt tried logging into the web
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Have found a solution to locked account forgotten password issue IF you have the early release

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this will only work IF you have the early release

download the early release go into ultimate team it SHOULD ask you for a new security question and password enter it once entered will be in ultimate team on your CONSOLE!! every time u leave UT and click to go back into ultimate team dont worry just renter same once u did with last time

and if u have had the locked issue from day 1 you will not of been able to open any reward packs dont worry you can open them packs on your console.

and only reason i know is because i did this myself and it worked

IF this doesnt work then there may be a chance your account is Actually banned but if this solution does not work please stop spamming with the same question please try to keep them in1 thread as this issue has a solution IF you dont have the early release then all you do is keep trying to log in and contact EA customer support.

and please dont double post with same question as your wuestion will not be answered any quicker and may land u a ban in the process

people regarding forgotten password this should/possibly apply to you

people regarding hacked accounts this has alteady been answered in the sticky by myself

i may sound like im being harsh but im not its just 9/10 posts have been al the same and when there are already solutions to these problems please look before you post as more than likely the issue has a solution if you cant find it then post up but please dont think cant be botheted to look as now the majority of posts which already have the solutions that work and you post up asking why is this or that not working etc the highly likelyhood your post will be ignored or just told to look at the stickies or just be told to contact the ea customer support /live chat advisor

we are gamers here to help gamers but all i ask is please look first to see if there is a solution 1st if not then feel free to ask
or just a general question
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Fifa 13 Web App

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When I logged into the web app it asked for my answer to my security question, although I never made a security question, so I click I forgot and it locked my account and said for my to reset my security question on a trusted console, how do I do that?

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Re: [IMPORTANT] Issue with FIFA 13 Web App (updated)

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Would this effect my ultimate team when I play it on release, since I did pre-order it and i get 24 free packs, it would be a shame that on my main account, where i've played fifa since 08, will be blocked on ultimate team, also I wont get the bonus packs for previous ultimate teams

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Re: Have found a solution to locked account forgotten password issue IF you have the early release

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forgot to say not sure if can log into web app with this method but at least can play fifa 13 UT Standard smile
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Re: Fifa Ultimate Team account locked ingame and on webapp

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Same here. How can we unlock?

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Security Question FUT13

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Hello !

i had forgot my Security question and i clicked on restore password and now is my account blocked for FUT13
What can i do now?! HELP PLEASE : ( !!!!!

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Accepted Solution

Community Manager (retired)

Hello everyone,


Please see our latest update:


The game team has now resolved the issue in order for you to unlock your account. Try logging into a trusted console and reset your Security Question to unlock your account from the FUT Web App.

If this doesn't work, please reach out to one of our game advisors to unlock your account and reset your Security Question.
Thank you for your continued patience.


Secure your account

Turn on Login Verification to access FUT Web and Companion Apps, and protect your information.

View more on EA Help


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