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Banned / Locked FUT Account via Wrong Answer

by DannyBhoyLyons

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How do I change my security question to get on to the FIFA 13 web app?

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I cannot get on to the web app and it is asking me to change my security question via my console or speak to a game advisor, not sure how to do either?

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How to change security answer

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i want to reset Security answer  for FUT

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Re: Fifa 12 FUT Account Locked, please help as soon as possible.

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all u need is to reset u r security answer and relogin thats all

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I want to unlock my account in ultimate team web app

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My Account has been locked and I can't reset my question by logging into a console.Please help me.

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Re: My FUT online account is locked

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davidoh22 wrote:
you: My FUT Account got locked because i forgot my secret answer , when i used up all the chances it got locked , they keep telling me i must login from a trusted console when i do use my xbox it doesnt come up with an option to change my security ans
Navin: I do understand that, let me see what best I can do for you.
you: ok thank you :D
Navin: Please let me clarify that for security reasons, in order to be eligible to use FUT 13 Web Start you need to (i) be a returning FUT 12 user, and (ii) have created a Security Question and Answer on FUT console between March 7 and September 12, 2012. Those returning users who have not created a Security Question and Answer between March 7 and September 12 can still use FUT on web by purchasing FIFA 13 for the Xbox 360®, Playstation®3 or PC after September 28.
you: yes i am elligable for the game content if that is what you are asking
Navin: Please understand that you'll be able to access only after September 28.
you: can i ask why there is no way for my security question to be reset by a member of the ea team as on threads people with the same problem have been directed by ea community managers to contact a game advisor and they will correct teh issue and they have had there issues corrected
Navin: Please understand you'll not be able to access before 28 September.
you: why is that ?
Navin: As the game is not yet released.
Navin: Is there anything else I may assist you with today?
you: but the game app is and i am a loyal member who has played recently and meets all the legal obligations for the use of the online web app early release
Navin: Please understand that you'll be able to access only after the game release.
you: is this only because i cant reset my question till then or can i reset it by other means that is my question can i reset my security question online or not
Navin: Its not possible now.
you: so only when the game is released in 2 weeks i can go on ultimate team which means i miss out on free packs free gifts lot of coins and alot of time just because it cant be reset manually ny a member of EA
Navin: Due to the repeated nature of the request I am disconnecting this chat session. If you still have any question or issue with our games, don't hesitate to start another session. ahahah ea dont have
Navin sounds like a **bleep**


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Fifa 13 Web-App

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I was on the web app earlier this morning and I have been an FUT member since 2009 but when I got onto the app it told me that my packs will be in the my packs section of the store but when I went to open them I didn't have anything. Please could I recieve them or at least be told how to get them back. Thanks.

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Locked FUT 13 account.

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It says i locked it, don't know why, as i set my FIFA 12 FUT question different the other day. It didnt give me the chance to change it today, just wont let me on, i need to sign into a trusted console and i have been on my xbox and nothing happens. 

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Fifa 13 - Web App

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Why can't I sign into FUT Web App for the new fifa, i played ultimate team between the 7th of March and september and have a securty question like it says you need but i still can't sign in..

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FIFA 13 web app - ultimate team fifa 12

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My account is saying its locked and wont me in, It says to go on to my "trusted console"  but it wont let me on that way either to reset my details... any help please

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Banned / Locked FUT Account via Wrong Answer

[ Edited ]
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I have been a proud long lasting member of FIFA for about 6 years now, and have loved every minute of it. Recently, a problem occurred. I was asked the question "Which school did you attend in eighth grade?" which the answer is Saint Andrews High school, but it kept coming up saying it was the wrong answer and my account was banned! I don't know if I've put in Saint Peters high school or OHR (Our Holy Redeemer) by accident because I was going between schools between 7th to 8th grade. I am just looking to play FIFA ultimate team again and desperate to play the web app for FIFA 13. Thanks for you time and I hope you can help me to resolve this problem.

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Accepted Solution

Community Manager (retired)

Hello everyone,


Please see our latest update:


The game team has now resolved the issue in order for you to unlock your account. Try logging into a trusted console and reset your Security Question to unlock your account from the FUT Web App.

If this doesn't work, please reach out to one of our game advisors to unlock your account and reset your Security Question.
Thank you for your continued patience.


Secure your account

Turn on Login Verification to access FUT Web and Companion Apps, and protect your information.

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