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[IMPORTANT] FUT 13 - Trouble with auctioned players

by EA_Spectre

Original Post

Player disapeared

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I was buying some players this morning on fifa 13 ultimate team and it went a bit funny and froze i won 2 players the money went but i only have one of the players the other just disapeared when i refreshed it not even in the watch list i paid 2000 coins for the player and that is quite a lot at this point. I have checked everywhere wait about 8 hours and still hasnt came back.

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Trade Pile Issues

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I sold the Brazilian rw danilinho for 57k but hes still on my tade pile saying completing......

i thought i would give it about 1 hour but nothing happened and i really dont want to lose 57k on fifa 13 

1. any ideas how to collect my coins

2. if i lose him and get no coins what should i do as i have photographic evidence to supply

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Re: Fifa 13 Ultimate team Trade Pile freezing

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i have the same problems!!!! & i also disappear who i bought from market and i can't get my coins after i sold my player & contract!!!!

which is done on the broad, please fix the problems asap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Fifa 13 Web app

★★★★ Newbie

I just bought a player on bidding and i didn't get it, it just diasappeared??



can you help?

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lost player

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I bought mario mandzukic in 3-5-2 for 2500 coins on a open bid and when it reached 0 seconds remaining it said completing but carried on saying that for 6 hours and now I have lost him from my club I have had no money returned and the player is no where in my club or trade pile how can I get my money back or the player

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Re: Missing players which have been purchased

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I lost a Kagawa for 16500 coins and i want it back i took my money and i didnt get the player, can i have my money back EA? or player

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Fifa 13 Ultimate Team "Expired" players...

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 I decided to sell around 7 players and when their auctions ended it just stayed on "Expired" and said "Completing". It's been like this for 4 hours now and I'm really getting quite mad as I can't buy or sell any more players. I even brought a player using "buy it now" and he just says "Completing" and I can't assign him a position or anything... I've posted some screenshots below so hopefully you can see the problem:
"expired" glitch : 
other players like it: 
"Watch list" glitch: 

This is VERY frustrating as I haven't been able to play ultimate team now all day and I've brought the season pass and have pre-ordered the ultimate edition... I'm not getting the full use out of my season pass and would like this resolved as soon as possible. Please don't just ignore this as it needs fixing, I've also tweeted @EASportsFIFA AND @AskEASupport and didn't get a single reply which was also VERY frustrating. I have faith in the team that hopefully they can fix this... Please don't let me down. 

Best Regards, 

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After expired from the trade pile I can't but my player up for sale again

★★★ Newbie


I have being playing fifa 13 ultimate team on xbox 360 and am trying to sell a oxlade chamberlain. I put him up for sale and then he didn't sell now im trying to put him up again and I cannot press on him. How do I fix this ?

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player trade wont complete

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hi ive been on fut on the 360 and ive won an auction for cisse and it just keeps saying completing and its taken my money but i got no player any ideas?


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Can't remove sold player/contracts or expired payers out of my trade pile.

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Hi recently sold some player/contracts etc on fifa 13 UT but now I can't remove the sold items or add more player etc.

Also once this is fixed which I hope will be soon as I've been waiting all day,

will I still get the coins my items sold for?

Any info would be gratefully appreciated


Thanks Brian

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Accepted Solution

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Try reloading your ultimate team, i had this problem before and this fixed it


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