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[IMPORTANT] FUT 13 - Trouble with auctioned players

by EA_Spectre

Original Post

Losing players bought on FUT 13

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Today i bought kaboul for around 6000 coins on Fifa 13 Ultimate Team. The coins left my account and it said i had bought him yet i cannot find him anywhere on Ultimate team. I tried logging in and out, i went on the pc version of FUT and it said had purchased him yet he is still not appearing.


Please can you help.





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Missing player on ultimate team

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I Just purchased the Brazil defender Lucio for 6,000 coins and he is not in my club, watch list, trade pile or unassigned but it says on my home that I have purchased him. I have also still lost the coins. Any ideas on what has happened?

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Auction Gone Wrong

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Hello EA,

Today I purchased a Pirlo on Ultimate Team on the early access FIFA 13 game for 25500 coins through an auction bid.

I went to check the auction to see the player and it said there was an error accessing the player (something of that description). So I reset my Xbox360 and went back to check the player and it had completely disappeared. I checked the trade pile, watch list, club and new items pile and there was no sign of Pirlo.

I checked the web app and on the home screen it had confirmed I purchased the Pirlo for 25500 coins. In all of this;

- I have no Pirlo and I lost the 25500 coins I spent on buying him through an auction.


EA, can you fix this and put my Pirlo back in my club.


Thank you,



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fifa 13 ultimate team - cards disappeared

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Hello just bought some cards  for 10 000 coins on FUT 13 and suddenly they were just gone. Am I getting them back or what can I do?

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Player Disappear

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I have just bought a player from the fifa 13 web application.

My coins have been removed but the player has dissappeared.

I have checked everywhere but can not find him.

what is happening?

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fut 13

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yeah um i went to midnight premier to get fifa i had a squad already from online logged on it was gone.....??? help please and i bought players but they keep saying expired thts it

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Re: Player Disappear

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I bought Bacary Sagna on the web app for 7,000 coins and he has disappeared. In the trade feed it says "You've won Sagna on auction". It also gives you an option to go to the watch list to recieve the player but it is no where to be seen. Please Help EA.

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I am losing money and my players

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Today around 5:00 to 8:00 Australia, Adelaide Time i lost 3 players after winning bids on them the players were

1. Popov from West Brom winning bid 1100

2. Nsue from RCD Mallorca winning bid 850

3. Agyemang-Badu from Udinese winning bid 700

I know these players don't seem important but i have lost coins, coins i have traded for and spent time on to get.

I would like the players or coins returned to me

I am being full honest, if someone can help, tell me where to find them or tell me someone that can help please reply

Thanks Cooper

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Re: Missing players which have been purchased

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i've bought cavani 4-2-2-2 yesterday for 27,500 credit and he's missing

today i 've bought sorrentino for 400 and astori for 500 and they disappaered; and also 3 contract are not with me.


i bought cavani yesterday and nothing happens today.

i lost him.

sorry for my english i'm italian.

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missing player cavani for 27,500 credit, sorrentino for 400 and astori for 500

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yesterday i bought cavani for 27,500 crediti and he disappared. not in the club, not in trade pile not in the watch list.

today is the same, i bought sorrentino for 400, astori for 500, they stay a little bit in the watch list and i couldn't take him and after disappear.

also 3 contract are actually in completing since 1 hours and more.

will i receive my player or my money that are gone?

please ea help. i can't play animore i need players and contracts.

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Accepted Solution

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Try reloading your ultimate team, i had this problem before and this fixed it


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