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[IMPORTANT] FUT 13 - Trouble with auctioned players

by EA_Spectre

Original Post

Re: Ultimate Team: i'm not receiving my coins!

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Happened to me as well, just 20 mins ago, carlos tevez in a pack, sold him and about 6 other people, should have got 50k then they dissapear and I dont get any money?!?
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Re: FIFA 13 Ultimate Team, bought jovetic, but player has dissapeared from watch list, club, etc. I NEED HELP

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Sold Thiago Silva for 89.5k only got 87k


Sold Podolski for 30k didnt recieve a single coin wtf!


Web app keeps saying its down so i cant even see if ill even have a chance of seeing that 30k.

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Fifa 13 Players sold no coins?

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Today i sold a pirlo 27750 coins and did not recieve my coins and the player a few minutes later disappeared out of my trade pile. He wasn't the onl player i lost everything i have tried to sell since then has just disappeared without me getting my coins. I found the outragious and i would like my coins refunded immediately. This should not be happening.

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Sold Hernandez, got no coins?

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Okay EA I have sold Hernandez for 16250 coins and I haven't been given the coins and Hernandez has left. WHAT'S GOING ON EA HELP ME OUT HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HAVE PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE IF YOU REALLY NEED IT BUT THIS IS STUPID I WANT MY MONEY FOR THE PLAYER!

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Re: Ultimate Team: i'm not receiving my coins!

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happened to me aswell. been speaking to them ea support people, telling me to wait for 24 hours


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Fifa 13 ultimate team

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my question is:


a few days ago i bought kerzhakov for 1700 coins.

never got that player.


what can i do?


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Re: Cannot acces bought players or cards on FUT 13 Watch List

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I have the same problem. Since yesterday. 

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I sold a few players but missing some cash ultimate team fifa 13

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I sold Lennon for 9.100

i sold Milto for 2.400

I sold ben arfa for 16.500

I sold marchisio for 7.500

I sold jarvis for 6.700

totals 42.200 then take eas 5%= 40.09


I had 27000 plus selling a few formations and bits(plus the total from above) my new total is 52.251 and i should be more like 67.000+

I think the Ben Arfa cash has dissappeared any help or are ea fees higher, also all the card showed up except ben arfa but online it shows he got sold any help in which i can get the cash please!!

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FIFA 13 UT Bought player missing Coins

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I have just purchased David VIlla on FUT13  xbox live the 18K coins i payed for him have gone, But David Villa has not appeard in my club, or watch list or any where? so i have just spent 18k on nothing? 


any help?

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FUT 13 sold a player and haven't received the money!

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I have just recently sold Ashley young for 23,250 and I haven't received the money for him.


I am playing on xbox 360 can anyone help me please ?

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Accepted Solution

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Try reloading your ultimate team, i had this problem before and this fixed it


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