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[IMPORTANT] FUT 13 - Trouble with auctioned players

by EA_Spectre

Original Post


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I have lost thousands of coins, each time I log on I loose 1K. Why is this?

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Fifa UT

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I lost my BENZEMA  three days ago, i put him up to sell and he did , for  60,000 coins, but i did not recieve my coins. I would apprecieate a reply to fix this or anouther benzema / coins back.

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no coins when selling players

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I just sold my whole team for about 160k but recieved no coins for any of my players? Anyone know how to fix this?!

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Fifa 13

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i had a manuel neur sell for 63,000 coins today and didnt receive my coins......... i want these coins back as i have spent a lot of time building them up ! 

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Frozen Trade Pile

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So, the items in my trade pile are frozen and have the "completing" status on them. It's been more than an hour. I was getting good money for my Podolski, Modric, Ramires x 2, Riise, Sahin, Miralles, Walcott.


I need my coins and the players that didn't get sold ! I don't want them disappearing from my trade pile !


EA respond !

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Not got my coins back from an outbid player

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I just bid 18500 coins on a Pirlo in 4-3-3 which I was the winning bid, however when i check back it says that i was outbid on Pirlo, even though the winning bid was my bid (18500), but i didnt get my coins back



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selling my players on trade pile got no money

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i have just sold all my players on trade pile and its saying i have only got 63 coins left what has happened

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Sold player did not receive coins. Did not get coins for winning division. Can't buy players. Ea is a joke

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This game is a joke and embarrsing. Like the title said, I sold a player for 100k he showed up as bought in my trade pile so I removed him  yet I did not get the coins? wtf! Also I won the division and got a free gold pack but did not get my 8000 coins for winning the division. 

Also I cannot buy players in the auction house.



The only help you can get is via chat and you get the same result everytime some idiot telling you to wait 12-15 days for a email which doesnt ever turn up/


I have screen shots of the player I sold too.

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Lost My Coins

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Hello Can Anyone Give Me The EA Email Address, I Need This To Contact Them About My Lost David Silva Who I Sold For 68K And Didnt Get My Coins For Him It Has Been 2Weeks Now. So Please Help Me Really Need The Email If You Have It

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Re: Fifa UT

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My players are on the auction pile and I previously had them up for sale but all it says is expired and it says they are currently up for auction and I cant re-auction them, help?Frown

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Accepted Solution

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Try reloading your ultimate team, i had this problem before and this fixed it


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