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[IMPORTANT] EASFC / FUT 13 / FUT 13 Web App - Lost connection

by EA_AgentX

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ultimate team

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It doesn't let me on ultimate team

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Xbox Live Fifa 13 server still losing connection

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Loss of connection to the EA server is becoming a more regular occurrence while playing both Career and Ultimate Team games.  This is resulting in a loss of EAS points etc.  Why is it not possible for the game to save locally then upload to the server the next time it is able to, so there is no loss of points etc?


Xbox Live UK

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Getting signed out of ea servers

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I am being signed out of the EA servers every few hours, maybe 5 times a day. This is very frustrating as I have to save & exit career mode to sign back in every time. I am on PS3 and I am not being signed out of the Playstation Network. What is the problem??

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I keep being disconnected from the EA severs

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In the past 6 hours I have been disconnected from FUT no less than 5 times and would like to ask why as I have lost around 4000 coins from this and a few days ago was not given the prize money for getting promoted out of Division 4 in online seasons and was forced to replay the full season.

In an ideal world I would get the coins I would've won had I not been disconnected, but as that seems highly unlikely I would ask just one thing; an explanation of why I am constantly disconnected from the servers.

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connection lost to opponent every time.. 9/10

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online play - finding opponent -> found,


then after 10-20 sec, error msg saying connection lost.


9/10 repro.


no issue w/ fifa 12. what's going on?

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Cant log on ultimate team web app or iphone app

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I have an account on ultimate team, which works perfectly fine on my xbox.

But when i try to sign in on the web app or mobile app it tells me i need to create an a team and refresh the app/page.


Is there anthing i can do or needs to be done?



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lost connection to ea servers!!!

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this is beyond a joke now, since updating fifa 13 i have had problems with playing fut games. everytime i play it says lost connection to ea servers!! i still lose contracts though!!!! really getting p*****d off now!!! ea please sort it!!!

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Re: lost connection to ea servers!!!

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Same problem here with ps3 ....we really should get a REFUND

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Lost connection

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Please sort this EA.  everytime i play ultimate team i lose connection. Sometimes ill get a couple of games in,others ill lose connection 3x in one match. As if this isnt bad enough its using up player contracts!! Its getting that i cant put a team together because i cant earn any money but its still registering players as playing!!!!  Aaaarrrggghhhhh

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Re: Lost connection

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season matches....onlines matches......when i play these there is alot of lagging problems and would wish EA would sort it out its not fare spending that much money on a fifa game when u cant even play online properly sort it out EA SPORTS.

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