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[IMPORTANT] EASFC / FUT 13 / FUT 13 Web App - Lost connection

by EA_AgentX

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[IMPORTANT] EASFC / FUT 13 / FUT 13 Web App - Lost connection

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Our team is aware of an issue where some players have lost connection to FIFA Ultimate Team 13 on PS3 and PC, the FUT 13 Web App and EASFC. We're sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, and thank you for your patience while we investigate this issue to restore access as soon as possible. Please stay tuned to this article for an update.




To keep up to date with FIFA Server status, check this page (scroll down a bit, the server status will be on the right):


If the servers are up, but you cannot connect at all, please verify that your ports are opened correctly. You can find more info here:

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ea server not available

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★★★★ Newbie

i cant connect to the ea server in the game. any ideas what should i do? 


Im playing fifa 13 on PC

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ea server connection

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hi there, i am with virgin media and i use a super hub for my internet. my internet works very well however every night when i play fifa i always lose my connection to the ea servers? this happened to me when i played fifa 10, fifa 11, fifa 12 and now also fifa 13! i am so disappointed with this because i feel like i cannot even play online without being disconnected. i usually play on the online season mode or head to head or even online friendlies and it has been the same case around half time in each game the ea servers will just go. my internet works fine i have 100% connection but the servers always go. please help me out!!

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Online season game - connection lost after loading screen - PS3

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Hi there,


I play Fifa 13 on PS3 for 2 days now and I experience major connection problems.


When I try to play an online season match, I wait until the system has found an opponent. After the connection is set, I play with a player from the team I have chosen that comes up in order to wait until the game is loaded. And then I have experienced three different scenarios:


1. When the game is loaded and you hear the commentary team starting the game, the connection is suddenly lost. And then you return to season menu.


2. During the waiting for the game to be loaded, I play with a player from another team! Very strange! It appears to be a player of the team of my opponent. After loading the connection is lost. (same as in scenario no.1)


3. Loading never ends! I play with the player, and I play, and I shoot on the goalie, and I shoot again, etc... It never ends! Sollution for this scenario is to shut down the system and start again.


Very annoying and weird. Does anybody know what the problem is?

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Re: Online season game - connection lost after loading screen - PS3

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I too have this problem!! It's so annoying. I've never experienced it in Fifa 12. But now in Fifa 13 i only get to play 1 match out of 10 tries (that's if i get to play this one match). I even tried port forwarding like suggested in other posts, but didn't work. So please EA fix this problem fast, we want to play online very badly Frown

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Re: ea server connection

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I am also having the same problem.  I have been trying to play Ultimate Team.  I can complete some games but after a short time I am logged out of the ea servers and cannot log back in.  I also have good internet connection and do not have any other issues with other games.  I have tried turning off firewalls on modem and opening up the specific ports but this does not help.  This is a great game but the experience and value is being hindered by the server issue. 

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Fifa13 keeps disconnecting me from ea servers

★★★★ Newbie

Fifa13 keeps disconnecting me from ea servers on xbox360

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EA Server down

★★ Newbie

for some reason i am unable to sign up to the EA server. keep saying "The EA severs are not avaliable at this time. Please try again later.

this has happened the last three day.

how do i get this to work??

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Re: Fifa13 keeps disconnecting me from ea servers

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I'm also having this problem, sometimes it connects for a short period and other times it justs keeps informing me the EA servers are unavaliable at this time!

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Connection Lost with Opponent!!

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I am trying to play some head to head seasons with random players online but keep getting disconnected with the opponent. Either it takes forever to find an opponent and it fails or it will connect, get the game started, and then disconnect right after the kick-off.


I thought this might be a common issue and that it might be patched but I haven't been able to play for over a week.


IM NOT TALKING ABOUT ULTIMATE TEAMS. Just regular seasons.......

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