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[IMPORTANT] Crashes / Freezes

by EA_Sutii

Original Post

Fifa 13 freezes sometimes when i score goals

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I have played about 5 Head2head games online and 15 games in Ultimate team and in 50% of those games, my PS3 will freeze when i score a goal. It happens exactly as the ball is about to touch the net. I could not find any other threads regarding this issue, has anyone else encountered this? Could my console be causing this error? I tried formatting the PS3 and cleaning it for dust and after that i managed to play 7 games straight without encountering a freeze. But out of nowhere the freeze came when i scored a goal in Ultimate Team. Note that the freeze does not occur when goals are scored against me.

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FIFA 13 Crash PC

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Hi ive been having these "crashes" since the start of fifa 13 its been like 3 days, everytime I try to go online it crashes to desktop, so I was wondering are you making some updates or something like that because I have tried everything I have updated my drivers and I have repair installed fifa 13 so there is nothing left for me to do and im not the only one with these problems so please fix it so i can start playing online !

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Re: Why do i get stuck on the loading screen playing FIFA 13 on PS3? / Freeze while loading

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sorry i want to ask where to delete it?
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Re: FIFA 13 Crashes To Desktop

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I received an email, was given this solution but doesnt work. I don't even have such a file in FIFA 13 folder in 1st place.


1. Navigate to the Documents folder
2. Enter the FIFA 13 folder
3. Delete the Facegen XXXXXXXXXXXXXX file.

After that follow the below steps:

1. Login to Origin.
2. Click on Application Settings in Origin tab on Left hand side corner on the top of Origin screen.
3. Scroll down in General tab.
4. Check the box with "Enable cloud storage for all supported games".
5. Click on Done.

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Re: FIFA 13 Crashes To Desktop

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@4ydeca I have the very same, exact the same problem as you Confusedmileysad:


Not a word not a hint not any clue on any forum all over the world! :catmad:

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Re: FIFA 13 Crashes To Desktop

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Same here. I play every game mode with ease offline. But as soon as i started TRYING to play online (in the screen where the game is supposed to search my opponent) the game crashes to my desktop.


Just like last year, EA has no solution to this or other problems. Since they are working with Origin, they lost quality.. a lot....

I'm a FIFA player since FIFA 95.

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Can't play online

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Hi there,


I will try to explain myself in my best English. First of all, Fifa 13 looks great as always, so my compliments to that.

Still I'm having some difficulties. The reason that i always buy Fifa is to play online. I have bought the game 2 days ago and i haven't been able to play a single online game. When i try to play seasons i get to the part it says opponent found, then my screen goes black. Most of the time i do have the loading sign in my left bottom of the screen. Then after a few minutes it goes entirely black and i have to alt+f4 and restart. I searched for the answer and i got to the port forwarding solution. With my port open, i get to seasons and now when it says downloading player updates or something like that it crashes to desktop. I really want to play online. The last issue is regarding the audio. I select Dutch at the language option and when i check at the game settings the commentary is dark grey and i can't change it. So i don't have commentary at all. I already tried setting my speakers to stereo but no effect. I hope you can help me out! 


With kind regards,


Nils Toepoel

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video and replay issues

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hello all, ive got a half decent set up and am having issues with replays its very flickery and colours go light and dark  and most of the video scenes are the same ie at half time full time it does the same are their any issues with game and will be patched?? ive searched online and seems other people with better set ups then me are having same issues please could you let me know as want to enjoy the whole game as at the moe not keen on playing as doing my eyes in

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Re: FIFA 13 Crashes To Desktop

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Where's EA to fix this ?!

Do something  useful for us, not answering bull**bleep** that won't solve the problem.


It's a joke? I payed and i can't play online... Very nice! If i knew that, i would have download a pirate version.

As if not enough, i need to create a new profile every time i open the game, cuz if i load my profile the game crashes to desktop...


FIX THIS! I'm not the only with the same problem!!!




Bump this topic please, maybe this so-called company take it seriously and solve the problem "as soon as possible". Thanks!

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Re: video and replay issues

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sorry this is on pc game

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