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How do i delete my club after exceeding the maximum number of attempts?

by rossgoldie98

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Can not delete my ultimate club.

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I can not delete my ultimate club, what can I do?

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deleting my club

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ive tried my FUT several times and always do it wrong ive reached my limit how do I delete it again??

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Dear Sirs,


My son has been playing Fifa 13 but unfortunately he has deleted his team too many times. We now have an on-screen message informing us 'You have deleted your club the maximum number of times. Y ou must contact EA Customer Support for help...'


Please can you advise as soon as practicable, as my soon is exceptionally keen to play his game.


Many thanks,



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delete club

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If i delete my club, will i loose all the players as well?????

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Deleted Club Too many times, But do not have enough players or money to play

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Well, me being an idiot just started a new club because i really screwed up on my last ones, But then realized that my brother had used my account before to create Clubs. I just bought a new Player after my last game for almost alll my money. i then realized that  two of my players are out of contract and ido not have enough money to buy any. I do not have any friends that play Fifa 13 or Ut so i cannot trade fr any players or contracts. Please help me, i cannot play ultimate team

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Deleted club maximum times

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New member deleted club for 4th time and advises need EA support, can't get back in the game

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Delete my Club

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Hello EA, i have a question: How do i delete my club, more times than normally ??


Answer please :D

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Deleting ultimate club?

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I want to delete my fifa 13 ultimate club but I have reached the maximum deletes i'm allowed to have how to i get more?

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How can I delete fife 13 ultimate team club more than five times

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How can I delete fife 13 ultimate team club more than five times

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Delete club

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I have reached the maximum number of deletions club.
Now my little brother sold all players and I have no coins.
How can I now delete my club again and start from scratch.
Please need help!





How to delete???????

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Accepted Solution

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rossgoldie98 wrote:

i have no players of coins and i went to delete my club to start again. It them came up that i had exceeded the maximum number of times i can delete my club.

I really want to start over.

Please help



Hey Ross,


Sorry to inform you of this but once the limit is reached there is no way of deleting the club again im afraid.


You will need to continue with what you currently have now.


Hope that helps,



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