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by sgtfinaldo

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Seriously, it worked perfectly in FIFA 11, what the hell is the problem for FIFA 12 and 13? Could you even be bothered to give us a finished fixed product?

Yes my tone might be a bit a caustic, but I have been a loyal supporter of the FIFA franchise since FIFA 08. Thats 5 years of support, putting my hand in pocket yearly to purchase this game.


Apparently I have no game face according to the game.

But lo and behold if i log into voila!! There it is!! I make some changes? Nope, it wont work. I start the whole process and face again? Nnnnnnnnope.

I delete the older gamefaces off my hard drive?? Nnnnnnno.









A reply, even a bit of abuse my way or a virtual slap my way would be greatly appreciated. Because it would at least be a repy.




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Game Face Neck Colour

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After applying my Game Face to my player he seems to have a very dark neck... His skin tone is light and his arms/legs are the correct colour but it looks like he's wearing a neck-warmer around his neck its so dark. I guess this could be due to the fact I've got a beard and it just expands the tone downwards but it makes my guy look ridiculous and I've stopped using him since.


I've tried re-loading him, deleting it all etc. and the dark neck is still a problem.


Any thoughts?

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fifa 13 gameface

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i made the game face but im having a hard time putting it on my game.. how do i download it to the game

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Hello guys, I will explain my problem. 

I have FIFA 11, FIFA 12 and FIFA 13 for PC. I have a Windows 7 64-bit. My unity is updated. My game face plugin is updated. 

I could NEVER put my face in my player. The FIFA 12 said I had no game face, and I was to create it in 
The problem is that I've created dozens of different gamefaces. With dozens of different photos. Simply my FIFA does not "understand" that I have a game face available. 

I thought that in FIFA 13 would be solved. But one thing I learned from EA is that it will ALWAYS let you down. 
Already formatted the computer, I've tried in Firefox and Chrome. I've tried on another machine. Already ran the FIFA as administrator. I've tried with my game face without hair. 
And NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING resolved. 

've Searched the entire internet for solutions, I have done everything recommended and NOTHING. 
The problem is in the EA, the problem is with my account. Not me.


In any version of the game I could download my game face in the game. 

My GameFace appears and always appears in my avatar on the EA site. 
I'll try once more not to lose the habit.


And yeah, i have a game face

and is the same acount

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same here, i've tried everything. nothing is working, and i've searched for solutions, we're not the only ones.

EA might be working on an update (hopefully) soon either that or they just dont care

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Can't download gameface to Fifa13

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i can't download gameface to fifa13

 i press download game face.... it downloaded to 99% and then it said "failed,please try again" any help?

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I try in Tiger Woods 12 and i get...


So, the problem is in my account with FIFA...

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Help! I just can't download and apply my game face in FIFA 13

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I already created a game face in FIFA 13  and saved it, but when i go to play and download the game face says that i dind't have created a game face yet. Idon't know what to do more. Help meeeee!!!!

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game face

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How do you get a game face. I click on it and nothing happens

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game face fifa13

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I have created my game face online but wen i try to download it on the game it wont let me. ther is an option to turn game face on but i cannot select it as it blanked out with a padlock??????
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Accepted Solution

Community Manager (retired)

Hi guys,


If you are having trouble creating or importing your Game Face in FIFA 13 please check out this FAQ as it may contain some useful information. If you are still having issues after that, you will find more information and troubleshooting steps on the Game Face forums.  


Hope this helps,






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