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Financial Takeover

by irulesupreme

Original Post

Financial Takeover

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I started a new season and bought the Finanical Takeover perk and it worked, but only for one season. However it says it can be re-used one per season. Finally, I made a new season in the hope that my last season was just a bug and it'd fix itself, this is not the case, it won't redeem at all now. Help?

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Financial Takeover Bug

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This is nuts, just purely stupid more like it. 


Okay, this was a few weeks ago I guess before an update, but I used coins for the lv 13 Financial takeover, froze my career mode ...wait no, it CORRUPTED it, and I deleted it, I start another career, I try to purchase the lv 13 Financial takeover once more ....Transaction incomplete? What? Wtf is going on, is it still pointing to the previous career and I can't use it? If so, how the f*** do you get around this?


Okay, so I just go to the next tier, grab the lv 26 Financial takeover, OHHHH F**KING JOY! It freezes again!!!!! Hurrayy!!! Not only that, it is corrupt once again! Yippy skippy! I delete it, my game face, and try with another career, transaction incomplete! ......hurray. 


I guess after an update I finally hit lv 39(was lv 37 when 13 came out), so, I use up another 2,500 coins and god IT FINALLY WORKS!!! IT WORKS!!!





BUT, what I'm concerned about is .....will I be able to use that lv 39 Financial takeover for future careers? And, I've tried live support and have been waiting a week for a higher tier to answer back to me on my previous lost lv 13 & 26 takeovers, I dunno how to get those back or use them again, unless I just completely use it on a different gamertag and EA account.


I'd really like EA support to comment on this, because the live support is dreadful, no help, in fact, the guy was asking me how financial takeover works, which is just awful. So please comment on this EA, because, this is stupid.

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Financial takeover.

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i tried to buy financial takeover but it sayed "Transaction incomplete you already have the maximimum amount of this item".. im in my third season and i used financial takover in my first season . then tried to buy it in the second season the transaction went through but i never got my takeover because of the career mode freeze. i thought it would register for my third season seeing that i never got it in the second season. but it didnt. what do i do??. thought its 1 per season? im in a new season!.. i started a new career. still nothing. 

Platform PS3

No game face

Season 3 . Npower champs 

Club:Kaizer chiefs

i also manage south africa in internationals

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Re: Financial Takeover

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Anyone at all?


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Re: Financial Takeover

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I think you should contact one a Live Agent on the chat at 


I'm sure they will answer your question.

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Re: Financial Takeover

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I too having the same problem. I bought the 1500 financial take over and started a new season. But luckily my PS3 did not crash, maybe that happens when you buy the other level financial takeover. Is there any solution and I also wanted to know if there are similar problems with scout option and career boost option. I haven't tried the scout option yet but my career boost option doesn't seem to work either. I this there catalogue is flawed. I haven't tried to unlock any other items though, just FT & Career boost, both not seem to work. Is EA working on it? I think I should stop playing career mode until this situation is resolved?

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Fifa 13 Financial Takeover from Catalogue

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So far, I've purchased both the level 13, and the 26 financial takeovers. I've played quite a few career seasons, and a few online seasons since purchasing these. I've also started multiple new careers. Still these have not reset. They say on them that they won't be available until the next season. When will this issue be fixed? It doesn't say that it is a one time only purchase, and if it is, I want my points back because that clearly wasn't stated in any of the descriptions. By it's description they both should be opening up again for repurchase the next season.




Dasgreg12 (XBox360 gamertag)

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Re: Financial Takeover Bug

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Re: Fifa 13 Financial Takeover from Catalogue

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Re: Fifa 13 Financial Takeover from Catalogue

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it give yu more than it regulary would but it doesnt increase every year

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