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Fifa 14 Steaua Bucharest

Hello !

         In many Fifa versions this team was not present and i don`t understand why? Steaua Bucharest is an important team of Europe with amazing results in the past and in the present,they have been in Champions League 7 times,Europa League also ,not to mention that they won Cup of European Champions against Barcelona in 1986

         Since Hagi this team has offered valueble players ,recent Vlad Chiriches buyed by Tottenham Hotspur with 10 mil euro .We have history ,we have trophies ,we have milions of fans, we have 24 League titles ! we don`t have steaua in FIFA... Steaua Bucharest should be present in this amazing game because it is an amazing team!


Thank you for your time and I do hope that EA will consider this ideea to be a valid one in the future FIFA

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Re: Fifa 14 Steaua Bucharest

EAHQ is a place where players get help from videogame veterans to solve their issues with their favourite game. If you have suggestions for gameplay, discussions about features or the game itself and other similar topics which are not related to technical or other game blocking issues, please visit the official EA FIFA 13 board..


I closed this topic, but if you have any problems and need the advice from our community to solve them, please feel free to create a new topic!