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Fifa 13 custom music and chants NOT WORKING!


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Fifa 13 custom music and chants NOT WORKING!

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I have a problem with my custom music and chants. And it only started once i deleted all my music of my ps3 and now i have no music on fifa 13. Not even the the music thats suppose to be on the game. All because once i go to the option screeen to put fifa13 songs back on it simply CRASHES my ps3 every time i try and ive been trying and trying and trying and still the same CRASHHHHHH. Any idea EA how long this will take to sort out as playing in total silence is so annoyin and another thing is RESTRICTIVE FIREWALL pls get YOUR GAME SORTED EA

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Default and Custom music isn't working

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When I start up FIFA 13, the music does not do anything. I press select and it does not start it. When i go to the custom music and chants option, it gets stuck loading. The game is dull without sound, please help.
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I can´t acess to Chants and costum music menu on my ps3

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I changed EA's soundtrack to my costum soundtrack, however today I decided to change it. First I left the game and deleted my costum soundtrack from my playlist  and I made a new one afterwards, when i started the game again, the game started without any music and I attemped to change the game music but I couldn't acess to "Custom Music & Chants" menu.Since then my game remains without any music. I'd apreciate if you could help me.

Ps: I own this game on ps3. 

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Re: Fifa 13 custom music and chants NOT WORKING!!!

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I'm having the same problem. I changed the songs for a playlist, but after that i delete the playlist, and now, when i enter the custom music to change another one, doesnt' matter what option i choose, it crashes. 


NOT WORKING. I don't know why this was marked as solved. Lol

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Re: Fifa 13 custom music and chants NOT WORKING!!!

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Marked as solved wh?


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I'd like EA to at least "acknowledge" that they have a major problem with "CUSTOM MUSIC AND CHANTS" thats leaving users with NO MUSIC after they import they're own music And once you try changing back to the games own music you simply CAN'T as it CRASHES MY PS3 EVERY TIME And its been over 2weeks and STILL NOTHING WHICH IS A DISGRACE EA Frown 

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Custom Music Freezing / Crashing

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Same as Fifa 12, custom music doesn't work.. No music playing now and just freezes when you try and change it. EA are a massive joke, multi-million pound company and still not sorted issues out from Fifa 12. Well done EA we salute you!!!
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Re: Fifa 13 custom music and chants NOT WORKING!!!

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Hi guys,


For the deleted custom music files there is a known workaround from FIFA 12 boards that could help you with this issue:


Note that I have unchecked the previous solution (probably someone who wanted to click on "Me too" instead, we will never know), also I have deleted the angry/abusive messages from this thread and removed two "!!" from the title). Please remember that Answer HQ is a place to share knowledge with other players, it's not a place to vent out your frustration.



For the firewall on the PS3 you must open the following ports:

UDP: 3074; 3659; 6000
TCP: 80; 443;  10000 - 10099; 42127; 3659



However if the issue is different you'll have to be a little more specific than a spammed "RESTRICTIVE FIREWALL"  all over the place. Explaining what the issue actually is usually a good start to get your question answered for example (And before you ask, yes I also deleted your other abusive threads).





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Re: Fifa 13 custom music and chants NOT WORKING!!!

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Agree with u eveeve (i'm kidding with your nickname).

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Re: Fifa 13 custom music and chants NOT WORKING!!!

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@ ea's eve i tried the work around for custom music and chants and it just wont work and another problem i got is where do i find these ports on my ps3 to change as ive looked everywhere and cant find how to do it and another thing if by some strange miracle i find the ports will i have to change them for different games as ALL MY OTHER GAMES ARE WORKING WELL HELPPPPPPPPP Frown

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Accepted Solution

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All u need to do is uninstall your player profile from your PS3 saved game data and then reinstall it..youl hav to set yourwettings again but at least.youl get the music back...peace

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