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Fifa 13 commentary - Japanese, Italian, Arabic, Brazilian and Polish languages informations.

by internapoli21

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Re: fife 13 commentary

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Does anyone know if there will be polish commentary on the NA disc  or at least will it be downloadable like in Fife 09 ?

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Arabic language commentary ?

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Is the pre-order downloadable version of fifa 2013 in playstation euro store has an Arabic language commentary ?

I'm in Saudi Arabia , if not , is there any Fifa 2013 downloadable version has an Arabic language commentary ?

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fifa 13 comments Portuguese from Brazil!!!

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hello. I'm from Brazil, and I live in the United States. my question is. EA SPORTS will provide the comments of fifa 13 in Portuguese of Brazil to download ?or can i be the comments in PT-BR only if i buy the game in Brazil?Because does the difference for me to have the comments in Portuguese of Brazil and if it is not be able to get here I'll buy the game in Brazil,and some friend bring to me.I did'nt the pre order here in EUA because that!!thank you!!

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FIFA 13 - Brazilian Language

[ Edited ]
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Hi, I'm Brazilian and I often buy games in the USA.

I need to know if the game has the option to choose the Portuguese language as narration, even I buying the game in the United States or the game with the Portuguese language can only be acquired if I buy the game in Brazil.

I'm waiting the answer, Thanks .

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Fifa 13 commentary?

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Will there be Arabic commentary for Fifa 13 North American version of the game. Last year it was only available for the European version of the game, I was really sad Frown

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Re: FIFA 13 - Brazilian Language

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i has the same questions!!! Upppppppppppppppppp!!!

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Re: fife 13 commentary

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Hello there,


Arabic and Japanese commentaries should be available if you play from a Playstation 3 or an Xbox360.


Italian, Polish and Brazilian commentaries should be available on both consoles and PC.


I hope this helps!

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Re: fife 13 commentary

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I have the NA game on 360 and the only languages I see are English, French and Mexican Spanish


are the other lagnguages available as DLC as you said?

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Re: fife 13 commentary

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Hi there. I just purchased a FIFA 13 for Xbox 360 but theres no Polish commentary, only ones available are English, French and Dutch. Do you know how I can get a Polish one? Two year ago I purchased add-on commentary via xbox marketplace but it looks like you dont sell it anymore? Please help.

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Fifa 13 ps3

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I buy my fifa 13 ultimate edition in Sweden. i want it in arabic commentary, how can i fix that? or can i buy another fifa 13 with arabic commentary? where from? website page??

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