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Fifa 13 FInancial takeover on career mode not activating?

by seat170

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Fifa 13 FInancial takeover on career mode not activating?

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I have purchased the financial takeover (level 15) on my career mode in my first season. I am currently on level 24 but the takeover hasn't happened yet?


I am playing on PS3 under user name SEAT170.


Will this activate in the second season? Or is it a bug?


I take it I wont get back the coins I spent on it? 

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EASFC Coins Catalogue Error

★★★★ Novice

I purchased something for my career from the EASFC Catalogue (The unlockable that gives your club the takeover by the billionaire) and it never actually gave me any more money

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Financial Takeover not added to career mode

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★★★★ Newbie

I used 1,500 tokens on the financial takeover in the EASFC Catalogue but it's not been added to my career mode.


Can anyone help?



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finacial takeover not workin

★★★ Newbie

I have purchased finacial takeover (level 26) from catalogue and I am currently on level 38. It has not worked on my career is that because you have to purchase the one for your level or is there a different reason please help, many thanks

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I purchased the financial takeover item from the catalogue, but cannot redeem it and it doesnt show up in my career.

When I go to purchased items it is there with a green tick, but it doesnt show up in my career and the funds have not been added . I play it on a ps3

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FIFA 13 Financial Takeover Bug

★★★★ Newbie
I purchased the 2000 credit financial takeover from the EASFC Catalogue, and when I entered my career, it activated. However, my game froze soon after, and I was forced to reboot my Xbox. Once I was back in, my credits were still gone, and the financial takeover would not activate when I entered career, having not saved the first time I did it. Is there anything that can be done? Possibly a credit refund, or something like that?
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Financial Takeover - not credited

★★★ Newbie

I have made numerous attempts (Facebook, Twitter, Forums and official site) to find an answer as to why the Financial Takeover is not added to my career yest the 2,000 coins have been taken ? I love the game and by and large EA do an amazing job but it appears you are simply ignoring this complaint which seems to affecting a huge number of players ? On Twitter you re-tweet every positive tweet or comment yet when it comes to addressing a problem you are strangely quiet ?


I want either the Takeover added to my or my hard earned 2,000 credits back please


Console - PS3


Gamer Tag - Notreve1878


Thank you

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I bought a financial takeover in EASFC catalogue but it doesnt work,

★★★★ Novice

I bought a financial takeover in EASFC catalogue but it doesnt work, I simmed my career forward until the end of the transfer window (with St Mirren) and my budget remains the same.

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Financial take over

★★★★ Newbie

hello there. i bourght Financail taker over on fifa 13 and i havent got and money or messages of it on my career mode can you help me please

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Re: FIFA 13 Financial Takeover Bug

★★★★ Newbie

bump. Just completed an EASFC challenge, and leveled up to 27. I did not receive credits for either of these accomplishments. The credit total has been added to my daily cap, but not my actual credits. Really would like some type of assisstance on these problems...

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Accepted Solution

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I have worked it out , it only works when you buy it while in the main menu screen , then load your career .

If you do it while you are in your career it doesnt work ,


hope this helps

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