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FUT Web App - Servers are down?

by Theodinho

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FUT Web App - Servers are down?

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Every time I have tried accessing the web app (since 28th Sept) I keep getting the message that servers are down. Have they actually been down for the last week or am I having an issue with this?


My Fifa 13 account is for PC, and I have the latest version of Chrome and the latest Adobe Flash player installed, also tried it on IE9 and have the same issues.


Any help or are the servers genuinely down all this time?

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Re: FUT Web App - Servers are down?

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I have this problem as we speak (12th October)... was wondering if it's a prolonged problem, or whether it'll be available again today at some point?

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Re: FUT Web App - Servers are down?

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ye same its down for me too!

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