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FUT Trade Pile

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So I woke up this morning to a wonderful new bug.  My Trade Pile seems to want to contain everything I've ever sold or put in the pile to this point of owning the game.  It even put up an expired Manager card that didn't sell, but I can't relist that item or send it back to my Consumables as I Quick Sold it days, if not weeks, ago.  I delete the item via Triangle on my PS3 or going to the web interface and viewing the sales and then clicking off into the Watch List, and a new sold item just appears in its place.  It's never-ending and it's clogging up my Trade Pile.  Since it recognizes the total number in the Trade Pile, I can't add anything else to it because it thinks it's full.


Why are we seeing more and more bugs since this last "update?"  Did anyone test it prior to release?

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Player frozen in watchlist. No way to send to Tradepile, Club, or discard...

As the subject says. Am I out of the coins? It was a 17000 bid on an IF LM in BBVA... I googled it, and got a few responses, but most of them were from right after the game came out and said "EA sorted it out".

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Sold items staying in Trade Pile


I have a number of items that have been sold and are expired that are still currently sitting in my Trade Pile.


These items are counting towards the items I have in my Trade Pile so I can not add any other item to the trade pile even though I no longer "own" the current items on the Trade Pile.


Is there any way I can remove these expired items from the Trade Piles? Currently only able to use the web ap.



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Re: Sold items staying in Trade Pile

Same is happening to me ! 2 players (m'villa, riise, andrezinho), 2 consumables and an everton away kit are stuck.

I can't send them to the club or put them on auction because the FUT says something went wrong. If I want to quick sell them then they will go for o (zero) coins. Oh and they have zero contracts left =/




Either fix them or compensate for this.

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Re: Sold items staying in Trade Pile

Yes same here, got a full trade pile by 2 that I am selling yet it shows 30/30 in my trade pile.

I have a feeling that when these 2 items sell I won't be able to trade.
Seeing as I haven't got the game yet for my xbox I thought I would build my teams and gain some coins, thats all done and now I am waiting for the game to arrive via the post, if the fix isn't resolved I am going to be stuck not trading and getting nowhere.

If you cannot resolve the bug can you credit me with 30,000 coins I can only ask :smileyhappy:



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Re: Sold items staying in Trade Pile

Same issue,  Any ETa on fix ?

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Re: Sold items staying in Trade Pile

I am having the same issue, and its been going on for 3 days! EA you need to compensate with coins as I have not been able to buy/sell any of players and I have missed out on making some profit!


Please sort this ASAP!



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FUT Trade pile



Fifa ultimate team Trade Pile, Why Can not delete expired items?

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fut13 tradepile suddenly full with players i sold a long time ago

my tradepile is suddenly full with all the players i sold in my history in fut 13. i have to press the triangle button to remove every single player or card i ever sold. when i want to add some other card to the tradepile, it says its full. when i go to the tradepile again, there the cards are again and even after i removed every single card, they reappear a soon as i go to the tradepile again. please fix this asap i cant put any cards on the tradepile until this stops....

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Trade pile all listed without me logged in????

I logged in to my ultimate team today to see that 37 items in my trade pile had been listed and sold without me even putting them uo???? please help, does this mean I have been hacked somehow?????