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FIFA Ultimate Team Coin Loss

by mrlevelz

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FIFA Ultimate Team Coin Loss

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So today after a long day at work I decided to hop onto my PS3 to play some FUT. I'm currently in division 1 and required 3 more points to win the divison and attain 8K coins + a free Promo Pack. So, I go into a match and I'm leading by first half, and I somehow disconnected, although when I went to network connections on the PS3 immediently it said 100% connectivity .. So I thought mhmm, something must be wrong? I went back onto FUT cause I got signed out of EA servers and I had been held in division 1, I kinda expected it to happen, however I didn't get ANY coins for being held within the division. So I told my mate about it, and he said he got relegated via DNF but still got his coins? So how does this make me any different? I've played FUT since it was released a few years back .. This has never happened to me, and it's quite infuriating, I could use those coins to get me a pack, seeing as I missed out on one after being kicked out of the EA servers .. 


PS, I spoke with one of the EA employees and he said that maybe because I DNF the match, I didn't get any bonuses. However, I asked him to link me to an article which states that, and he said no such article exists. So now I'm assuming this is a bug if anything. & in all honesty, if I weren't expecting to get my earned and well deserved coins, I wouldn't go through all this. Thanks.

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