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Hi, i had some good ideas for FIFA 14!

English is´nt my first language but i will try the best i can.


1. More player faces. As a Liverpoolfan it´s a shame that Agger and Gerrard has looked the same then 2008, and it´s also a shame that Skrtel doesn´t have a real face and Johnson doesn´t is bald. 


2. Audience must be more realistic to not look like pieces of paper. There should also be a better atmosphere when there is a big game or derby


3. More leagues like the Ukraine and the Argentinian league.


4. More real stadiums. At least the ten biggest clubs in the top five leagues should have their own stadium. Also more national stadiums like Parken in Copenhagen, Friends Arena in Sweden, Maracana in Brazil and Stade de France in France for example.


5. Much better AI.


6. Better gameplay. Several ways to treat the ball and everything can´t just be about pace.


7. Much better referees.


8. A better developed "Creation Centre" where you detailed can make your own stadiums, kits, boots, players and teams.


9. Better commentators.


10. Better weather effects and the weather should be able to shift during a match.


11. That you in Ultimate Team get to create your own badge and kits.


12. Licenses for Champions League and Europa League.


13. Real youth academies in career mode and you should be able to talk with the press live after a game.


That was just some of my tips for FIFA 14, by the way, do you also develop the game in Sweden, and if so, is there any possibility to get there one day and watch as they develop it? It would be a dream!

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Re: FIFA 14

No.  Off Topic in Here.  No suggestions for any games are part of this Suggestion Box.

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Re: FIFA 14

Moved to the FIFA board.