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Registered: ‎09-27-2012
Accepted Solution

FIFA 13 Mac Download

Just wondering where and when I will be able to download Fifa 13 for Mac... I'm from Australia...

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Registered: ‎08-14-2012

FIFA 13 for MAC

Will FIFA 13 be coming for MAC?

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Re: FIFA 13 for MAC

Hello pallavtruered, More than likley yes. FIFA 13 will be avliable to play on Mac

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FIFA 13 Mac ?

Will FIFA 13 be released for Mac OS X?


This page:

lists 'MAC' as one of the platforms


but it is the only place on the entire internet

where I have seen reference to this happening


Any help?



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Origin and fifa 13 in mac

I have a mac and I want to download fifa 13 demo and also pre-order the full version. But where is the mac version? A mac version is announced but I can't even find origin for mac.

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Fifa and mac, please

Its incredible how no supervisor answers this questions. What is happening with the "mac" Fifa 13. Please we, fifa lovers, need fifa. Is there someone we could talk to or do something? At least tell us we need to download windows or something.
Thank you

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Re: Fifa and mac, please

Sorry to hear your problem!


Do you meet these requirements?


If you do then I suggest you contact EA Support here:

Good luck!


If I helped at all please leave XP :smileyhappy:

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Registered: ‎09-25-2012

Fifa mac where can i get it? or i need windows, how do i get it?

Please help me with this. please
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I Just purchased FIFA 13, I'm a Mac user, and Origin doesn't work on my Mac, Did my money go to waste???

I need help to get FIFA 13 on my computer

Please and Thanks!!!

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Registered: ‎09-27-2012

FIFA 13 for Mac

Will you guys release a version of FIFA 13 which is Mac compatible? If so when does it come out?