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FIFA 13 Firewall Status still "Restrictive"!!!!

by Flo19

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FIFA 13 Firewall Status still "Restrictive"!!!!

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Hallo, i have a problem with firewall, is still "Restrictive". I enable DMZ & UpnP in my router settings, i open the ports, i tried even to turn off windows firewall and my antivirus, but the status of FIFA 13 firewall also "Restrictive" remained. 

Can someone help me with any suggestions? Thanks

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Re: FIFA 13 Firewall Status still "Restrictive"!!!!

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Hi..  When you enabled DMZ did you put your XBox IP in the DMZ or did you just check the box for enabling?  It also helps to make sure your router gives your xbox a static IP, so that way the IP lease never expires and gives your xbox a new IP later which just makes your changes obsolete..

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Re: FIFA 13 Firewall Status still "Restrictive"!!!!

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Yes when i enable DMZ i put my IP in the DMZ, also i set my router to give me static IP. My problem is on PC not XBOX.

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This is careless and lazy programming EA

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I've had this same problem on and off ever since I bought the game, and I've tried everything that's been recommended solving the issue. But for the upteenth time earlier today, I'm playing seasons... everything's going fine, no lag, open firewall, and then all of a sudden I can't connect to anyone for a match. I think "What's going on?" Exit seasons mode and sure enough firewall status is restrictive again for no apparant reason!

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Re: This is careless and lazy programming EA

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Get a new modem.

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