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FIFA 13 - Connecting to EA Servers

by mb86ftm

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FIFA 13 - Connecting to EA Servers

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I keep getting disconnected from EA Servers whilst playing Ultimate Team on PS3. It's fine when I'm playing online against other Internet users but as soon as I play against the computer offline, half way through the match it disconnects me from EA Servers and kicks me out!! Why??
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Re: FIFA 13 - Connecting to EA Servers

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How do you get in touch with ea about the server problem. I've been disconnected about 9 out last 10 games, losing endless contracts lowering my dnf so hardly get any coins from each game and don't know to complain to ea about this issue
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Lost connection to EA Servers - possible solution

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I dont know if it work for you or not... but worked for me...


I too used to face this problem very often... It used to occur when i am 5mins into the game. EA claims it is internet router issue..but who are they fooling?


Here is how it worked for me:

At the beginning of each match there is some drill we play...

Dont play that drill

Wait for a while and let the match be ready to start 

Play the match...


Somehow i stumbled upon this solution and after that i never got disconneted from Servers during the match.


Happy gaming.

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