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EA web app

by danielisfifamad1


EA web app

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Hello 'EA', 

I have recently bought fifa 13 and was loving the game alot, I found out a couple days after I bought the game I could manage my ultimate team form the 'EA web app' I logged it with my 'EA' email and password everything was fine. The next day went onto the fifa 13 web app (EA web app) I typed in the emal and password and it said that the 'Email or password' is incorrect, I tried again several times and nothing has happend, I started to surfe the internet to see if this was a common problem and to what I have found it is, yet they have not been able to log into the 'EA' web app account, please fix this its is restricting me from doing a lot of things

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Turn on Login Verification to protect your information.

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