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Creation Centre Team Edit Problem

Edit does not work on certain teams on creation centre,I have 25 people playing in a League and now I cant edit there teams,Is there any or will there be any solution

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creation centre

i have bookmarked teams and players that wont download to the ps3   i have 4 bookmarked teams on fifa and on the ingame creation centre menu it only shows 3 teams

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Re: Creation Centre

Hi everyone,


All sorts of questions have been asked about the Creation Centre so we have merged them into one thread for now.

Please check the following FAQ:



What is Creation Centre?

Create the players, teams, and tournaments (leagues) of your dreams using a web-based application at You will have the ability to create a player and customize everything from his appearance and accessories to his attributes and behaviors. Teams can then be created using players you, or anyone else have created, can assign Formations, Tactics, and create Customized Kits for. Finally you can place teams created by yourself or anyone else into a Tournament (League) that can even be used in Career Mode! If you are not into creation but you just want to use other people creations, you can do that too! Just search on the web for your favourite players, teams, and tournaments and bookmark them for later download in the game.


What is new to Creation Centre 13?

Here is a brief overview of all the new content and features available with Creation Centre 13*:

  1. All content and functionality in Creation Centre is now free!
  2. New Kit Templates and Colors.
  3. Additional appearance options for Creating Players.
  4. The Latest Boots, Balls, gloves, etc.

How do I use it in FIFA 13?

First of all, you must have a Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC or Mac system with an Internet connection, as well as an Xbox Live membership in the case of Xbox 360 and a PlayStation Network account in the case of PlayStation 3. Once you have linked your EA account to your console account, you can simply log into the website and start creating your team in the Creation Centre Web app.



Does Creation Centre require users to have an XBOX Live Gold Account in order to use their created Teams and Players in game?

No. But you have to have the EA SPORTS Online Pass activated.


Does Creation Centre cost money to use?

The Creation Centre website is now 100% free to use! You can, however, purchase EA SPORTS Season Ticket or Creation Centre from the FIFA 13 Store to expand your Creation Centre experience on console and PC, allowing you to download even more content, and bring that content into FIFA 13's improved Career Mode!


What about all my teams and players in FIFA Creation Centre 12?

All of your FIFA 12 teams and players will remain unchanged. You will still be able to download them as they are to your console, or edit them and re-save them as FIFA 13 teams and players through the Creation Centre Web Application.


What about all my teams and players in FIFA Creation Centre 11?

These teams and players will not appear for download in FIFA 13, but you will be able to update them to FIFA 13 players, and teams on the website!


What about all my saved drafts from FIFA Creation Centre 11, and 12?

Saved drafts from FIFA Creation Centre 11, and FIFA Creation Centre 12 will no longer be available for FIFA Creation Centre 13.



Why are there three different Save Options?

Save as a Draft : will save the Player, Team, or Tournament you are working on at any point during the process. Regardless of if you've entered every field, or none, you can save your progress and return to finish the job at a later time.

Publish for my personal use only : will only save a fully completed Player, Team or Tournament, but only for your use. What you save can never be used by anyone but you, and will not appear in the Gallery be visible to other users.

Publish for Public Use : will only save a fully completed Player, Team or Tournament, and will be accessible by the public. What you save can be used by anyone and will appear in the Gallery be visible to other users.


How can I use my content in Career Mode?

EA Sports Season Ticket Holders will be able to download any Creation Centre League (A type of Creation Centre Tournament that can be Created) and will be prompted to bring a downloaded Creation Centre League into Career Mode upon beginning a new Career Mode session. Additionally users will be able to swap in loose Creation Centre Teams they have downloaded into any of the Leagues appearing in Career Mode. Non-EA Sports Season Ticket Holders will need to purchase either the Creation Centre 'All in One Pack' or the Creation Centre "Career Mode Pack" to access the same features described above.


How many Players, Teams and Tournaments can I create?

You can create 100 Teams and 50 Players and 5 Tournaments.


Where can I see all the Teams Iíve Created and, or Bookmarked?

On the centre of the Creation Centre Home Page, there will be a 'Go' button for players, teams, and tournaments. Clicking these buttons will take you to the Creation Centre Gallery where you can view the teams and players you've created and bookmarked, and search for teams and players created by other people.


How do I select a Player, Team, or Tournament Iíve created so I can download it into FIFA 13?

Go into the Gallery and click on the Team or Player you want to download. At the top of the page you will see a big red box that says Bookmark. When you click bookmark, the Team or Player will then be available to download into FIFA 13. Likewise there will also be a small white tag in the top left corner of each of the teams and players cards that appear in one of the website’s viewing galleries. Clicking on this tag will make it turn red, and also bookmark it so that it becomes available for download.


What does Bookmark mean and what does it do?

Bookmark means that you are selecting a Player, Team, or Tournament for Download. Once you have bookmarked any teams and players it will appear inside the Creation Centre Gallery in FIFA 13 where you can finally download them.



How do I find my Created Players, Teams and Tournaments in the console/PC?

Once you have created your Players, Teams and Tournaments you can download them into FIFA 13 by going into Customize FIFA/Creation Centre. In this screen you will see all of the Tournaments, Teams and Players you created and bookmarked on the website for download.


Where can I use my Created Players after Iíve downloaded them?

Created Players can be found in the Free Agent Pool in the Club Transfers screen. From there they can be transferred to any regular FIFA 13 Team for use in any game mode where Customized Squads are allowed.


Where can I use my Created Teams and Leagues after Iíve downloaded them?

Created Teams and Leagues will appear under the nation 'Creation Centre' in any game mode where Customized Squads are allowed. This includes, but is not limited to, Online Friendlies, Online Custom Matches, Kick Off Modes, Tournament Mode, and Career Mode. As mentioned above, use of Created Teams and Leagues in Career Mode is only offered to EA SPORTS Season Ticket Holders, or users that have purchased the appropriate Downloadable Content from the FIFA 13 Store.



Where can I use my Created Tournaments after I've downloaded them?

Carrying over from FIFA 12, users will be able to create Leagues, Knockout and Group Knockout Tournaments on the Creation Centre Web App that they will be able to bring into FIFA 13's 'New Tournament' Game Mode


How do I share a squad online?

When viewing a created Team, Player, or League/Tournament on the website, there is a "Share" button. Clicking on this button will give you a URL that you can then send to your friends. There are also Twitter and Facebook links that your friends can click on. When someone clicks on the URL, they will be able to view your Player, Team, or Tournament.


What languages can I access Creation Centre in?

English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch and Polish.


What Browsers are supported for Creation Centre?


  • Firefox 3.0+
  • Internet Explorer 8.0+
  • Google Chrome 13+
  • Safari 4.0+


What Flash version is needed to access Creation Centre?

Adobe Flash Player Version


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Registered: ‎01-05-2013

Re: Creation Centre



i have downloaded the "all in one pack" but when I start a new career I only get the option that says:


"do not choose any creation centre league"


how can a change this to make it available.



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Re: Creation Centre

Hey how do u create an online league so my friends can join?

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Registered: ‎01-14-2013

Custom league?

I wanted to play in a custom league with my friends but i can't find it so do u know where it is?

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Registered: ‎02-02-2013

Re: creation centre

i have same problem

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Re: Creation Centre FIFA 13

I want to Liga Salvadoreña
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Re: Creation Centre

create centers can make it through the PC and play it on ps 3? if you can how? 

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Re: creation centre

It does the same for mine every time i make a team and bookmark it nothing appears in my creation centre on my ps3. I'm signed and iv'e got an online pass so why isnt it working?