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Constant Servers Down, Ultimate Team hacked and constantly crashing PS3. Why did I buy this pile?

by poundisher

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Constant Servers Down, Ultimate Team hacked and constantly crashing PS3. Why did I buy this pile?

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After years and years of putting off buying FIFA, I finally gave in when a load of the lads from work persuaded me it was the right thing to do.  So with my complete lack of understanding of the game and how ultimate team worked, I went out and bought it and also acquired a season ticket pass. I then discovered in order to have a decent team, it was advisable to buy FIFA points and buy a few gold packs, which I did. 


So there I was, a half decent team made up with a few rare expensive players thrown in that I'd been lucky enough to win in packs. I started playing and realy getting in to the game. Then I would notice the odd crash in the game and it would freeze up my PS3. I decided just to ignore it and get on with it. Then i take a break for a couple of days to come back and find that I have no squad at all? I was confused by this and decided to call my friend who would call himself a veteran of UT. His response 'sounds like you've been hacked mate. Contact EA'.  So i did, with no team at hand I felt like i couldn't play the game. I finally spoke to someone through the online chat, they took my details and said that they would pass this on to the relevant department and they would have the case resolved in 12-15 days. So now I had a choice, I either waited that time and not play a game I had recently purchased. Or, spend more money on more FIFA points and buy another team. Call me a fool or whatever you want but i felt the need to feed my recent addiction and buy some more gold packs. In frustration i bought about 10 to get myself a team to the standard I had recently lost. 


Now I was back on track and got back in to the swing of things. It came to the 15 days and I had still no received any email regarding what was happening with my team. So I decided to contact EA and I spoke to another advise on online chat. They reassured me that it would all be resolved within 48 hours. That there were a lot of cases like mine and it was taking a little longer than expected. So i waited the 48 hours and spoke to another advisor. I was then told by this advisor that there was no such case open. That they could not find any record of my original entry or complaint. I gave the number I was given myself but they were unable to find it. So at this point I had waited 17 days and still nothing? I was then informed that he would have to resubmit it and I would have to wait a further 12-15 days. So lets say I didn't spend probably an extra £25 on top with FIFA points in order to buy a new team. That would have been a total of 30 days minimum I would have been without the UT to play? Now I think by any companies standards, that is a bit of a piss take. 

I would have then moved on to say that 'fortunately, i bought a new team so i can play at my leisure'. No, sadly this is not the case. I am constantly being disconnected from the server. Hours upon hours I can not get online because there is a problem with the EA servers. 


Now i am a very patient person and I dont think im being unreasonable at all but I wish there were a way for me to get ALL of my money back. That for the game, the Season Ticket pass and the money I have spent on FIFA points because all in all. This has been a mass disappointment. I 


I hope there havent been many people with my situation but im guessing that thats not the case and that there are quite a few.

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