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A spectator Mode for fifa 14 Pro clubs

by abeerzea

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A spectator Mode for fifa 14 Pro clubs

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Pro clubs is a huge mode for quite a lot of people specially we have managed our own league for pro clubs where we have teams with real names like we have ViFA Man city ( vifa is the name of the leauge) similarly theres other leagues like VPFl or VFL . so VFL Chicago fire or VPFL Sevilla. as a example . so each squad consists of maximum 20 players in general . sometimes you will have more than 11 players ready to play like 15 players are online at the same time . maybe Pro clubs Lobby where there is "bench" its really useless tbh. they sit there and we starting 11 players get into the match then they can only see the time of the game and the team we are vursing. so if they were in the bench and can see how we are playing like as a visitor or like a spectator that would be awesome and make it more entertaining . like real live audiences.

how cool would it be to know that youre friends are watching you play ? its a  fun way to enjoy that time throwing some jokes or maybe it will allow you  to show off your skills .

Pro clubs is hugely overlooked by the community even though there hasnt been huge improvements in this mode a lot of us enjoy this mode.

please improve Pro clubs mode as much as ULtimate team. Thanks.

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Re: A spectator Mode for fifa 14 Pro clubs

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I closed this topic, but if you have any problems and need the advice from our community to solve them, please feel free to create a new topic!

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