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Accepted Solution

Dragon Age II save file corruption on PS3

Ive tried in vein to find a solution to this problem,as it appears many others have as well, After downloading and playing  Mark of the Assasin and Legacy I find I cannot save without the files being corrupted.

I ended up going to a previous save where I played only Mark Of the Assasin and was able to continue on with the game without saves being corrupted but now I cant play Legacy without the files there after being corrupted.

Has there been a fix for this? I doubt it but I had to ask since my money was taken for an item I can not use because it makes any saves null and void after wich makes completeing the game worthless if I cant save it....

Can I even get a partial refund?

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Re: Dragon Age II save file corruption on PS3

[ Edited ]

Not sure of an actual fix, but this usually works for me. Going through both DLC I don't manual save. I don't think i've had a problem with corrupted save files until the final battle. The way i've found around this is to manual save before accepting the final battle quest "The last straw", then don't manual save throughout the quest. At the end, the save file still said it was corrupted when I tried to load the post-campaign, but this was sorted by loading the pre-battle manual save and then reloading post-campaign. Hope this helps a bit.

Just thought I should add that I normally do Legacy and MotA in act 3.

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Re: Dragon Age II save file corruption on PS3

Hi, I tried this tip but didn't work for me. I tried the link below and it really worked.


Just a summary of my problem for DA2:
The latest patch works for me. I am able to play Legacy and MotA however I want. I don't get the corrupted save file until I reach The Docks during the The Last Straw. Luckily I still have a working save at the Mountainside Path before the final battle in MotA.


I hope it will work for you as well.