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Dragon Age II XBOX360 - DLC Problem

I downloaded all the DLCs, and they are not working.. other than that they are not letting me play the game. The error message says that the DLCs cannot be load and the game is gonna restart.. over and over.. I tried uninstall the DLCs and the game is now working, but still.. i payed for it.. so I'd like to either play the DLC or have a refund.. what can I do?

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Re: Dragon Age II XBOX360 - DLC Problem

Welcome on Answer HQ kelvinclein82,


First of all, make sure you are logged under the gamertag used to purchase the DLCs. If you have recently changed your console, maybe you will need to transfer the license first or you will need to reinstall the DLCs.


You will find more information here:


Hope that helps,


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