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XBOX 360 Scavenger Bot Gone/Missing/Disappered/Not coming back

by Maxshlong

Original Post

XBOX 360 Scavenger Bot Gone/Missing/Disappered/Not coming back

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My scavenger bots are missing and have disappered and they aren't looking for materials they are just gone? had 3 now only have 1? where did they go and how do i get them back.

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Re: XBOX 360 Scavenger Bot Gone/Missing/Disappered/Not coming back

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I got all 3 scavenger bots from the initial playthrough but when I started newgame+, I was missing one.
I'm all the way to the point where you first acquire a scav bot in the story again and after the scene where you find it, it disappears out of my hand and doesn't show I have it in my inventory.
The only thing I can think happened is that if you don't recover all your scav bots back into your inventory before the end of the game, you lose them permanently. I did drop one before the end of the game thinking I'd have a chance to retrieve it before the end, or at the least have it show back up in my inventory in newgame+, but it looks like it's just gone for good.
Any help with this would be appreciated.



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Re: XBOX 360 Scavenger Bot Gone/Missing/Disappered/Not coming back

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I had a similiar problem on my ps3. I dropped a scav BoT in a co-op game with a friend than quit shortly after before it was recovered, now I only have 2 bots. I tried resumeing my co-op game starting a new game+ joining another co-op game everything I could think of to no avail.  I even had my friend resume the game we were playing and it still won't come back. So I guess I have to play with only 2 which really doesn't make me happy and ALWAYS make sure you have all your bots before you quit.

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Re: XBOX 360 Scavenger Bot Gone/Missing/Disappered/Not coming back

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I've had the same problem!!  I had two scavenger bots, and each time I have entered a co-op game with a friend I have lost one of them.  It would disappear before I ever even deployed one.  This wasn't a problem of me deploying it and leaving before it returned to the bench.  I am now at chapter 9 and have zero scavenger bots because I decided to play co-op twice.  While I know the scavenger bots aren't necessarily crucial to the game, it was nice to be able to acquire materials to craft better weapons and upgrade my rig a little easier.


I hope this gets fixed soon and my bots are returned to me.

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Xbox 360: Scavenger Bot Disappeared (PLEASE FIX THIS BUG)

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I was playing a co-op game with one of my buddies. I placed a scavenger bot down and left the game shortly thereafter (SAVE and QUIT). When I started another game one of my scavenger bots was missing. Went from two bots to one bot. Making it tough to maintain resources on impossible. I went back to both of the places I found each bot and it didn't give me my bot back. PLEASE FIX.
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Re: Xbox 360: Scavenger Bot Disappeared (PLEASE FIX THIS BUG)

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PC, same problem. I went from 3 bots in solo, down to just having 1 in co-op and I have no way to get them back. Replaying the missions where you get the bots doesn't give them to you.

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[ Edited ]
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Listen, what has it been, over a week now? Enough is enough damnit, I've had it. Hotfix the scavenger bot bug problem NOW. I'm done waiting. I've wanted to use my 2 missing scavenger bots that disappeared out of nowhere since LAST WEEK. This is a pretty big gameplay bug and all of us have been patient but the lines been drawn and it has been WAY TOO Freaking long.

Times up, we want a fix and we're done waiting.

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While i don't agree with the post format, i agree with the context.

I mean, come on. You have DLC for a game feature that isn't working properly for a lot of people and there's no word on any form of fix or anything regarding our metal buddies running off, playing hide and seek with stray necromorph.
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★★★★ Novice

Agreed with the poster above. I don't agree as well with the format, the context is well justified. 

The scavenger bot bug has been identified since day 1 outright, and its been what, two weeks now? Close to the third by the end of this one?

I do realize we have gotten a reply in the bug thread that says "we're looking into this" from EA/Visceral, but that's no longer enough.

It may be their intention to release one big patch that fixes ALL the bugs they've collected over the past 2 weeks (Which amounts to 166 posts in that topic since last I checked), but honestly? That's a terrible idea.

Incremental patches, guys. Fix some bugs, release update, fix some more, release another update. It'll at least keep your customer base calmed down in an actual form that tells us that you're working on things, and quite frankly, this bug seems to be the easiest to fix, considering you have freezing, save game corruption and other worse game breaking bugs on your plate.

Just my 2 cents.

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Also add a feature to shut down the **bleep** Bot Personality DLC. What a horrific way to ruin the atmoshpere with those abysmal british voice outputs... 

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