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Dead Space 3 worked initially, now it won't start.

by prosaicpoet

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I just installed Dead Space 3 Digital Origin


and I can't play the DS3..How to fix, someone help



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Dead Space 3 worked initially, now it won't start.

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I got DS3 yesterday, installed it and it worked fine for about an hour or so. Came back to play it the day afterwards and the screen flashes black a few times in quick succesion and then an error message "could not initialize hardware. please restart dead space 3" displays. I have looked on other forums and this was a known issue with previous games. I have tried running the game as admin, with visual themes disabled and in all compatibility modes, and still I get the same message. I have also uninstalled and reinstalled the game, still no luck. I have checked my graphics drivers and they are up to date.


I can't understand this, the game was working fine yesterday and all of a suddent nothing. Can someone help with this?

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Re: Dead Space 3 worked initially, now it won't start.

Community Manager (retired)

Hi prosaicpoet!


Could you provide us some information about your system (hardware and OS) please? This is a strange issue, but we would need more details for investigation.


Keep us updated!


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Could not initialize display hardware! Please restart dead space3

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I have been play this game for a week already,

today this thing pop up and I can't get into game

how can I fix it?

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Re: Dead Space 3 worked initially, now it won't start.

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I have similar issue


win 7 sp 1, 4gb ram

all spec on PC are recommended but the video card is where I think issue may be

originally I installed on a radion 3380 (model number may not be 100% accurate but close) with 512mb ram and I could play a bit but some of the textures were not visible so I bought a new card a sapphire HD6670 with 2gb onboard, uninstalled game and reinstalled but he issue remained.


With the older card I had played with screen resolutions to see if turning it down or dropping quality changed the missing textures but it didnt so I bough the new card. I know the spec says 3800 series but my knowledge on cards is limited so not sure if it is still the card or something else.


Running with divx ver 11 , all drivers updated and went to drivers on card itself and clicked check for update and told it is already up to date.


was all excited and ready for new game so a little sad presently.


any assist would be appreciated



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Re: Dead Space 3 worked initially, now it won't start.

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i got it working after deleting the 3 files in the folder


C:\Users\xxxxxx\AppData\Local\EA Games\Dead Space 3


there was general.txt and system.txt , cant remember the last file name


also deleted the save game from the opening few mins i played but dont think it assisted in the resolution

restarted the game and all looks fine now.


hope this helps



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Re: Dead Space 3 worked initially, now it won't start.

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I'm getting something similar with my DS3 as well.


On launch the game would simply open a black screen on my monitor, and then do nothing from there, forcing me to force close/end task the game from task manager.


NOW, after checking for updates and repairing the installation (with no updates or repairs available/needed) the game simply doesn't launch. The process appears in the task manager, but now does not respond AT ALL to force closing/end task, forcing me to completely restart my computer to get it cleared.***Update: My computer will not restart or power down AT ALL unless I forcebly power it off by holding the power button or unplugging my computer while the DS3 process is running.***


When attemping to launch, the Dead Space 3 process shows in the task manager as taking up no cpu power and using only 180k - 200k of my computers' memory.


As for my computer, I run Windows 7 Ultimate

AMD Athlon 64 x2 5600 2.9GHz


64-bit OS

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460

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Re: Dead Space 3 worked initially, now it won't start.

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I also am having this issue, worked for a few days, well when i say worked it crashed every 10 mins where i had to turn my pc off. But now when i try and start it up in origin it just says  syncing data then does nothing. I have tried re installing it but getting no where


Intel quad @2.5 GHz

4gb of ddr2

ati radeon hd 4750

windows 7 ultimate

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Re: Dead Space 3 worked initially, now it won't start.

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Hey everyone.

I'm not sure but i think i have a fix for this problem. I'm having your same problem; i start play and it synchs the data, but nothing happens, the game is in task manager , but i can't close it, unless i play another origin game and then terminate the process of deadspace3.exe

I think you can fix this problem by installing the game in an internal hard drive (C: for example) and not in an external hard drive like i did (D: for example).

You could try to play this game with win Xp sp3 or what is it called compatibility and see if it works.

I hope everyone could fix this problem, my PC has the requirements.


Sorry for my English.

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Re: Dead Space 3 worked initially, now it won't start.

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I recently downloaded the game and it played fine for several days. Now I am having the same issue: It flashes black, then sits in icon tray. When I click the icon to close it, it asks if I really want to quit because I'll lose all unsaved progess. The game, then, appears to be playing in some sense, yet it's not playing. I've tried all of the suggestions here, as well as turning off V-sync and reinstalling, but still have the same issue. Has anyone found a real solution to this?

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