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Door will not open at Chapter 17

by FnG_Devin9086

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Door will not open at Chapter 17

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Hello all. I have recently came across a bug about 3 - 4 days ago which has been really annoying! I know that for one, I'm not the only person having this problem because I saw a YouTube comment about that too. It's the door which you have to enter the alien word, Open. It's the big circular door, Its opposite the elevator and it has a big alien beside it. Sorry if in going around the bush on this. But thanks in advance!
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Re: Door will not open at Chapter 17

Community Manager (retired)

Hi fngdevin9086!


Can you please provide us the information on what kind of system you are playing DSIII? (PC or console)


During Dead Space 3 gameplay, if you become "stuck" at a door that will not finish loading, simply pause your game and attempt to restart from the last checkpoint, or "Continue from Last Save."

If the problem persists and the door does not load after Continuing from your Last Save, attempt restarting the entire chapter using Chapter Select. The door should load correctly upon this restart.


Keep us updated!


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Re: Door will not open at Chapter 17

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Hey eabastian! Thanks for the reply! Sorry about not being spacific, I'm playing on the Xbox 360 and I have already tried restarting the chapter, Restarting the game and loading from last checkpoint doesn't seem to work.Frown
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Re: Door will not open at Chapter 17

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Same here. I m on PS3. Restart the check point and restart the game. The door where u rotate 3 symbols to match the pattern on the floor and play it back.

Edit:NVM, u have to press X on the controller. There was no sign of instruction to open the door so I couldn't figure it out, lol
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Re: Door will not open at Chapter 17

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Add me to the list of the stuck alien door.  Chapter restart and last save restart to no avail.  im playing on a PC.  Well that was quite humiliating... hmm hit E maybe?

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