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SimCity Server unavailable message

I'm attempting to play Simcity for the first time. (I downloaded it from Origin yesterday.)

When I attempt to play by xlixking on the "PLAY" button in Origin, The SimCity welcome screen is invoked with the message "Server unavailable" displayed.

After that, the message "Processing large file...please wait" is displayed. SimCity then sits in this state without ever opening.

Clicking on the "Select Server" button does nothing.

How can I get SimCity opened and start playing?

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Re: SimCity Server unavailable message


Simcity's servers are sometimes unavailable as it is

online DRM and you have to wait for a long time for it to come back online.


When it said processing large file simcity was trying to fix something, recover or

was still installing.

You must of some how glitched it out if it was stuck there and wasn't processing

at all!


If it was stuck there try closing it and starting again. If not work.

Follow these steps

1. Start menu

2. Computer

3.  Open Local Disk Computer

4.  Program files

5. Scroll down to find Origin Games

6. Open SimCity folder

7. Open SimCityRecovery folder

8. Run SimCityRecovery.exe


This time when processing large files don't cancel it

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Re: SimCity Server unavailable message

[ Edited ]

Patience is required the first time you launch SimCity.


The initial download in Origin is only some 280 MB, the entire game sits at around 2-4 GB (different installation sizes). The Launcher needs to download the about ~2 GB of data on first launch, then process the data which can be time consuming, and is dependent on your CPU/Harddrive


So let it sit there and wait, might take anything up till 2 hours dependent on download speed and your own hardware. Upon being done it will ask you to restart the application.