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inability to change servers

by frankoo60

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inability to change servers

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When logging into command & conquer tiberium alliances, i am unable to change servers.  it is stuck on the last server (world) i played.  I have two other servers I am trying to access, but get a blank page when I attempt to change servers.  Please help.

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I cant change servers.

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I have a problem.


When i try to change my server world ther is not coming anything up.


need help :!



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Tiberium Alliance Server World Change

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Cant change servers, whats going on, several people in the forums have the same problem, what are you doing about it?

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TA won't let me change servers

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Is there a problem with chaning GW servers? I am unable to change from my GW60 server to GW66. When I click on change server, the screen comes up, but there are no icons to select server choice.


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Re: inability to change servers

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I have the same problem ARRRGHH

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Re: inability to change servers

Community Manager (retired)
I reached out to the Tiberium Alliances team and they confirmed that whatever problems that occurred with changing servers should be solved by now.

Can you guys confirm it? Standard smile
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Re: inability to change servers

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I still can not change servers

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Re: inability to change servers

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what did anyone do to gain access again?  I can't even actually get to anyone to talk through this?

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Re: inability to change servers

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any help?????

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Re: inability to change servers

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really frustrated, over 5 days and can't access other worlds/servers???  HELP.

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Accepted Solution

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After installing Internet Explorer 10 the problem is solved for me. !!!!! Great!  


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