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Red Alert 3 - Buddy Server connection refused (PC Version)

by sgtocelot

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Red Alert 3 - Buddy Server connection refused (PC Version)

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I bought the ultimate collection a few months ago and recently a fw friends have too. We all wanted to play Red Alert 3 together but I am having issues connecting to the online section of the game.
Upon entering all of my details (E-mail, password, online ID) I consistantly get the error "Budder server conection was refused". I am the only one with this issue in my group of friends and I have no idea why.
I tried all the standard  fixes such as port forwarding, reinstalling the game, repaing the install, checking the details are correct, etc. What I am hoping someone can do is give me a way to reslove this issue as quickly as possible. Any help at all would be great right now

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