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Battlefield Play4Free launching error

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Recently I performed a clean install of Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit on my laptop. Then I downloaded and installed the game, but since then I can't get the game to start. I always get messages like "Error 1000: ErrConnectionFailed", or "Failed to get the ready event in time". Before formatting and re-installing windows I had never experienced such a problem with the game.


How should I fix the problem?


*Now Origin is also installed on my computer, but it wasn't before formatting. Is there a chance that origin causes the problem?

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Re: Battlefield Play4Free launching error

Origin should not be the reason for your issue.Please get sure that you running your applications as administrator and re-install all browser extensions. Update your videocard driver and disable your firewall/antivirus software for a testrun. You can try another browser. Install and update  all Microsoft's .NET and c++ redistributable applications.


Please keep us updated!


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Registered: ‎09-10-2013

Re: Battlefield Play4Free launching error

The game finally work yesterday evening. It must have been something with the firewall as suggested in the game forum. When I runned the game, windows firewall asked permission for the application and when I accepted it there was no problem. But so far no such message had appeared from the firewall...


Thanks for the help! :smileyhappy:

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Re: Battlefield Play4Free launching error

i have got th esae problem:/ i did even deactivate the firewll for BFP4F and run my browser as adminasrator and everything but it didnt help.. :/

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Re: Battlefield Play4Free launching error

Just chat with the game advisor and it will help you.Please keep me in touch