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Battlefield - How do you get veteran status???

I've played BC, BC2, Vietnam and BF3, but have only 1 on veteran status. These are steps I tried to follow:


"Try the following workaround to get in the game:

  • Head to Battlelog and click the Profile in the top-right corner.
  • Select "Change Soldier," and you should see a list of soldiers associated with your account, one of which will be Active and highlighted in green.

There is no "Change Soldier" to find!!!

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Re: Battlefield - How do you get veteran status???

Why you are not able to login with your account?


Go to our veteran page Newer PC\Console releases it will automatically update when you hit "refresh veteran status" or play the games while logged in with your origin account. On the lower part of the page you can enter the CD keys for the older PC only games by clicking on the game's icon.  You can also update the game expansions that do not contribute to your veteran status by selecting the expansion  and then entering your Gamespy ID and password.  If none of these work contact customer support: