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Bad company 2 serial key

So, i purchased Bad Company 2 ONLINE recently, and after the nearly 8 hour download, i want to enjoy the game by playing with some people i know online. So i go click to play online and it asks me for a serial key, no problem right. So i think maybe its the product key, which is isnt, and enter that. It says, you need to use your product key to get a serial key, please go to this webiste to get one. So i do, i log in and everything. Go to the part where it says Collect Redeem code (Its something along those lines) and enter in my product key. It comes back saying "You cannot retreive this serial key here and must go to this website." and then there is a FAQ link next to that as well. So, i click on the website link THAT IS SUPPOSED TO GIVE ME MY CODE. So, it asks me to log in again which i do. And it tosses me back at the same page i was at before, which told me previously that i must GO TO A DIFFRENT WEBSITE. So, so then i read that you can do it through the origin menu in the upper left hand corner of the actual program you install on your computer, i try that. Get the same message saying "I need to go to this website". which IS THE SAME FREAKING WEBISTE AS BEFORE! So, basicly i want to get a serial key but CANT. So i need to be pointed to where it will ACTUALLY give me a key so i can play online. Thanks for your time to whoever reads and answers this.

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Re: Bad company 2 serial key

Hi there wananab!


Sorry to hear about your endless issue,

Try to refresh the page using F5, update and try again. If the problem still persist, please take contact with a Game Advisor and they can check/update your account.


- Sincerely, Timmie.

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