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Re: BFBC2 - Failed to login soldier.

by EA_Nils

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Re: BFBC2 - Failed to login soldier.

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So I can't remove any player so I can't make a new player with lower case letters, WTF!

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Re: BFBC2 - Failed to login soldier.

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Visto che non siete in grado di risolvere il problema e tutelare noi CLIENTI...credo che non meritiate la fama che avete !! Imperdonabile errore da parte Vs. Non credevo che vi sareste persi in un bicchiere d'acqua !! Una società come la vostra, con tutti i traguardi vantati e soldi incassati avrebbe dovuto risolvere il problema in meno di 24 h. Mi spiace ma la prossima volta non credo di essere VS cliente !! Cordiali Saluti !! 

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Re: BFBC2 - Failed to login soldier.

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Re: BFBC2 - Failed to login soldier.

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Voice your opinion freely at My Voice !

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Re: BFBC2 - Failed to login soldier.

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Re: BFBC2 - Failed to login soldier.

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Sign the Petition. Do something other than complain about no one doing anything. Do something.

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Re: BFBC2 - Failed to login soldier.

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Please SIgn this Official Petition at

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Re: Failed to Login Soldier (Reply from Jeric with the info you all want to hear!)

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Re: BFBC2 - Failed to login soldier.

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Community Manager

Note: As many posters appear to have missed this update, I am temporarily marking it as "solution" with the sole purpose of increasing its visibility.



 Here is the latest update: 


Battlefield Bad Company 2 is currently experiencing login server problems.

This is restricting the ability for players to log-in to their soldiers, and delivering the error message "Failed to login Soldier" when trying.

Players can attempt to create a new soldier to bypass this error and play, however they will lose their progress and have to start over.
Note, if attempting this workaround, use only lowercase letters when naming your soldier.

Rest assured we're doing everything we can to get things back on track and will provide updates as soon as possible.

Thanks for your patience while we make our adjustments.



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Accepted Solution

Community Manager (retired)
We have deployed a fix on our servers within the last couple of hours.

Please check if you are able to login now. If you are still seeing issues, please let us know as it is important for us to verify that the issue is resolved.

Unfortunately, this fix has taken more time than expected. This can happen with problems which are not fixable with a server bounce, where the cause of the issue is hiding within the code-structure. We are sorry for the inconvenience and hope that you all are back in the game.




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