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>> [PS3] TRY THIS! (BF4 freezing/crashing workaround) <<

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After a deep search on the net about  the freezing/crashing issues on BF4, i found a solution that stopped my game to crash. After i did the following workaround, i still didn't had to restore the file system on my console.  TRY THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK, but it worked for me.


1- Delete all the profile/game save, the game data and the 1.05 patch (The patch is inside the BF4 game data, so deleting the game data may delete the patch)


2- Verifiy if your firmware is actualized (Today, its in the version 4.53)


3- Install BF4 game with the console disconnected from the internet

     When the game begins after the install quit before the "press start screen". (So the game don't crate a profile save yet)


4- Connect the console on the net and enter in the game. (this should make the patch 1.05 install)

     When the game begins quit again before the "press start screen".


5- Start BF4 and play


After i did these steps, my game don't froze yet and i didn't restored my file system since then. The online problems (invisibility bug, black screen after the mach, reset weapons, etc.) persists, but you don't have anymore to listen the 3 beeps and waint 5~10 min to restore your system. Just quit the game and enter again.


Hope this solution helps someone, i'ts worth a try!




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Re: >> [PS3] TRY THIS! (BF4 freezing/crashing workaround) <<

Seems to work for me! :smileywink:

Thanks a lot! :smileyvery-happy: