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Re: BF4 not launching after initializing & syncing

Hi taekyunkim,


There's a couple of steps that you can try, if you haven't already:

  • Running the Repair Install function from Origin 
  • Remove and Reinstall the Battlelog Plugin, you can find the removal steps here 




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Re: Battlefield 4 will not launch.

fire fox

i've tried crhome

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Battlelog stuck on 'Joining server' won't start game

I select a server and the Battelog screen on the bottom left of the page starts up but doesn't progress past 'Joining server'?  Can anybody help me with this???

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Re: game doesn't load

Mine is having same problem, blue screen bar "initializing" but nothing ever happens after that. Tried different browsers reloading plugins, stuff like that but no fix HELP!!!!! Can't play

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Re: game doesnt load

[ Edited ]

Im having the same problem again tonight. it started working after a bit last night. When I try to enter a server my origin pop up front instead of the game loading.


Looks like I get this bug from launching BF4 from shortcut before origin is loaded. Start origin first then use the shortcut


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My game never starts, stuck at "joining server"

As soon as I try to join a server in bf4. nothing happens and theres just a blue bar saying Joining server and nothing happens. Same with Campain and Test Range.

What is wrong? I've been waiting my hole life for this game!


I've tried: Repairing the game.

Update my nvidia drivers

 and change launch options to 84 bit.

Please tell me what's wrong!!

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Stuck at Joining Server. Won't load game

Whenever I try to start a game, it gets stuck at "Joining Server" (the blue bar) and never even opens the game window.  Please help!

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Stuck on Loading

Stuck on loading. This happened to me in beta and there never was a suggestion that worked. I am running Windows 8.1 64 bit, 16 GB RAM, Dual XFX HD 5800 series Black Edition video cards. I have downloaded the nearly 700 MB patch and still is just displays "joining sever".  I've updated PunkbusterEA and have the latest AMD video driver. Help! Please resolve ASAP!

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Re: Battlefield 4 will not launch.

I don't know if this will work for someone, but i'll post you all i did during the troubleshoot... At the end, it finally worked out


I first saw the event logs of my machine and saw that each time i tried to run the game a Validity USDK error appeared, so i uninstalled the Validity Sensor Fingerprint drivers from the PC.

I added the exception to firewalls for ActivationUI.exe, Origin.exe, bf4.exe and pnkbstrA.exe

I added the exception on my antivirus (AVG) for the whole Origin folder

Uninstalled all Visual Studio C++ 2010 and 2012 Redistributables

Reinstalled Punkbuster by using ..\Origin\OriginGames\Battlefield 4\__Installer\punkbuster\redist

Installed Visual Studio C++ 2012 Redistributables found on ..\Origin\OriginGames\Battlefield 4\__Installer\vc

Reinstalled DirectX using the DXSETUP.exe found in ..\Games\Origin\OriginGames\Battlefield 4\__Installer\directx\redist


Obviously... i rebooted my machine more times that i could count. At the end, i still had the same issue... but as a last action i selected "Repair Install" from the Origin client and after the process finished the game finally worked.


i hope this might help someone.

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infinite blue bar joining server

I can't load BF4, tried single and multiplayer but i keep getting the infinite joining server message. I called EA for tech support today and they dont know how to fix the problem. Also the rep doesn't know if EA is working on solving the issue. 


Anyone know how to fix this infinite joining server problem?


I installed the game 3 times already and deleted all the files even the one in documents / battlefield 4 / settings.

I know all my drivers are working and up to date. I even installed web pulgin, punkbuster and origin all overa gain. I tried turning off fire wall and anti virus and turning off all the non-important startups but still wont launch a game. I even Installed it onto a new harddrive.


I'm running a i7 32GB ram 780GTX win7


any help would be appreciated.